Current Issues Final

  1. Attorney General
    Eric Holder
  2. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
    John Roberts
  3. Georgia's 9th Congressional district representative in House (represents gilmer)
    Doug Collins
  4. Georgia's Senator who announced he is not seeking reelection
    Saxby Chambliss
  5. New Pope of Catholic Church
  6. President of Egypt
    Mohamed Morsi
  7. President of North Korea
    Kim Il-un
  8. President of Russia
    Vladimir Putin
  9. President of Syria
    Bashar hafez al-Assad
  10. President of Venezula
    Nicolas Maduro
  11. Prime Minister of Isreal
    Benjamen Netanyahu
  12. Secretary of Defense
    chuck Hagel
  13. Secretary of the state
    John Kerry
  14. Secretary of the Treasury
    Jack Lew
  15. Senate Majority Leader
    Harry Reid
  16. Speaker of the House
    John Boehner
  17. Vice President of the U.S
    Joe Biden
  18. Asian country that elected its first woman president
    S.Korea Park Guen-hye
  19. Islamic organization dedicated to establishment nation based on Islamic principles
    Muslim Brotherhood
  20. Nation Israel has bombed twice recently
  21. Site of terrorist bombing by brothers on April 15th that killed 3 and wounded 200
    Boston Marathon
  22. Place the American ambassador to Libya and three others where killed by Islamic terrorists in September
  23. won this years super bowl
  24. Won this NCAA football national championship
  25. Won the NCAA men's basketball championship
  26. Won best picture at the Academy Awards this year
  27. Term for mandatory spending cuts that took place in March; had little effect
    Sequestor cuts
  28. Name for pipeline that would bring oil from Canada to Texas- Obama opposes
    Keystone pipeline
  29. Despite intensive campaigning by Obama, the senate failed to pass this law
    gun bill
  30. Controversial decision of the Department of Defense made in January
    women in combat
  31. When the government spends more than it takes in
    deficit spending
  32. Government program of selling guns in Mexico hoping to trace them back to drug cartels
    Fast and Furious
  33. IRS recently admitted that had targeted these groups for higher levels of tax status review
    conservative groups
  34. President Obama's education program- schools can use it rather than NCLB. Evaluation by a variety of indicators rather than just test scores
    College and Carrer Readiness and Performance Index
  35. Who did the Justice department secretly seize phone records from last year
    the assiocated press
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