Critical Constructionism

  1. Us ranking in terms of health care
    US spends more than 50% more on health insurance than any other country

    Spend 2.5 trillion on health care

    17.3% in GDP
  2. US average life expectancy
    Rank 47th in average life expectancy
  3. Us infant mortality
    Rank last in 23rd wealthy countries
  4. US fairness in Health care
    US ranks 54th out of 191 counties in its fairness  of health care
  5. Is obama care socialistic?
    NO, a public option was not included. It is still mostly private
  6. How do republicans and democrats differ in Healthcare views?
    Republicans - Believe the marketplace should dictate the healthcare system

    Democrats - Believe the government should be more involved in health care
  7. How many industrialized nations do not guarantee some sort of healthcare to its citizens?
    Just one, the United States
  8. What are the main barriers to healthcare reform?
    Insurance companies, spend hundreds of millions to prevent reform.
  9. Thwat is deviance?
    A behavior, behavior, or condition that is a violation of social norm

    -Its a social construct and changes over time
  10. Thwat is crime?
    An act, or omission of an act that is against federal or state or local criminal law.
  11. Universal crime
    Is crime that is punishable in all societies
  12. Dark figure of crime
    A term to describe the amount of unreported or undiscovered crime.

    Also questions the reliability of crime reports
  13. Thwat is Critical Constructionism
    Argues that social problems are constructed, conceived, and presented in ways that reflect the interest of those in power/the elite
  14. What types of surveys to sociologist use to look at crime rates
    • Uniform Crime Reports
    • The Dark Figure of crime
    • Victimization Surveys
  15. Why do crime scares occur?
    • Its subject to:
    • Changing attitudes
    • Changing values
    • Changing perspectives
  16. Reasons of high street crime in US
    • Culture and social structure
    • American values and crime
  17. Roberts Mertons strain theory
    • Due to American Dream
    • -People adapt to inconsistency between means and goals in society. 
    • Structural limitation->Strain->Adaptation(crime)
  18. American Punishment Frezny
    Began in mid 1970s

    • -Due to punitive policies
    • -Imprisonment of non-violent offenders
    • -1980s Drug war
  19. American Incarceration rates
    • -Highest in the world
    • -incarcerated at higher rates and longer punishments
  20. How is technology related to environmental issues and natural resources?
    • -Causes destruction of life on earth
    • -Extraction and consumption of earths resources
    • -Huge productor of waste
  21. Have corporations been supportive of mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions?
    • No, Corporations have hired PR firms to fight battles against environmentalist
    • SLAPPS - Use of lawsuit to intimidate and drain funds of activist groups
    • -Corporate interests usually shape the media content
  22. Social causes of environmental problems
    • -Population growth
    • -Industrialization and economic development
    • -Cultural values (Individualism, materialism and militarism)
  23. Thwat is individualism? 
    Putting individual interests over collective welfare

  24. Thwat is consumerism? 
    • The belief that personal happiness depends on the purchasing of material possessions 
    • -US quality of life is often related to the ability to purchase items
    • - Americans are bombarded with thousands of advertisements each day
  25. How does consumerism harm the environment?
    Increased consumption= environmental deterioration (polluting emissions, resource depletion, and generation of waste)
  26. Thwat is the environmental justice movement?
    A fusion of civil rights and environmental activism 
  27. Thwat is ones environmental footprint?
    The demands that humanity makes on the earths natural resources
  28. Thwat is ecological debt?
    collectively, human demands on the earths natural resources exceeds earths capicity
  29. Thwat is the sociological imagination? 
    Involves moving away from thinking in terms of the individual

    - A focus on changing the social structure rather than changing the people
  30. Why does the government often reject solutions from sociologists? 
    • -Sociologly is subversive
    • -Sociology challenges the core of societys dominant ideology
    • -Sociology is critical of society
  31. What is structure and agency?
    • Structure - The power of society over its members
    • Agency - The power of actors to change society
  32. What is the "Money is Speech" doctrine?
    • Media is the arm of the corporate world
    • Money buys publicity and control over our media
  33. How is media the arm of the corporate world?
    Similar to our arm, they do a lot of work for us. Media does a lot of work for corporations because they can provide them with lots of money
  34. Conflict Theory
    • Examine the ways in which groups disagree, struggle over power and compete for scarce resources (Haves over the Have nots)
    • "How are resources distributed?"

    Karl Marx
  35. Symbolic Interactionism
    • Looks at individuals everyday behavior and communication through symbols and shared meanings
    • "How do we construct meanings from symbols?"

    -Micro level perspective
  36. Functionalism
    • Society is a complex system but everything works together to ensure a society survival
    • "How does this help society?"

    -Based off Durkheim
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