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    • I am trying to think of what I said lately
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  1. That's cool
    Esta bufiao o que chevre
  2. I had to throw away the potatoes because they were bad.
    Tuve que botarlas papas porque estaban daňadas
  3. Your ride will be here in 20 minutes
    Van a recogerte en veinte minutos.
  4. Get used to it.
  5. I am always messing up
    Siempre estoy turvada
  6. Are you available?
    Estas disponible?
  7. I want to talk to you about something
    Te quiero hablar lo que pasar con algo
  8. I will be next to you
    Yo voy a estar a tu lado
  9. I get frustrated
    Yo me frustro
  10. I have too many things to do
    Tengo muchas cosas que hacer
  11. Have you ever done that before?
    Tu has hecho eso antes?
  12. Don't mess me up
    No me turves
  13. It can happen 2 things. Either you learn spanish or you burn the neurons
    Te pueden pasar dos cosas. Apprender espaňol o quemarte los neurones
  14. The thing I am trying to tell you is
    Lo que te estoy tratando de decir es.
  15. I will do it again
    La haría de nuevo. (otra vez)
  16. Cheater
    Trampoza o trampozo
  17. I wander why
    Me imagino porque
  18. Do it again
    Hazlo de nuevo
  19. How long will it take?
    Cuanto tiempo tomara?
  20. From what i understand is...
    Lo que yo entiendo es...
  21. Will you give me the plate please?
    Me puedes dar el plato porfavor?
  22. Whatever you want to do.
    Lo que tu quieres hacer
  23. It was where I said it was
    Estaba donde yo dije
  24. It's not far
    No queda lejos
  25. I have to write it down when I have a question
    Tengo que escribirlo cuando yo hago una pregunta
  26. By the time we get to the house, I will have this memorized
    La hora que lleguemos a la casa, yo me habre memorisado esto
  27. It's because it is your fault
    Por tu culpa
  28. At least we were able to eat at a restaurant
    Por lo menos comimos en un restaurante
  29. I ran out of words to say
    Me quedè sin palabras. O me quede muda (mute)
  30. What is it about?
    De que se trata.-/ o. Sobre que se trata?
  31. I bet you
    Yo te apuesto
  32. One word at a time
    Una palabra a la vez
  33. It's up to you
    Està de ti
  34. I have bug bites
    Tengo picadas de mosquitos (moscos)
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