1. tiny twisted legs
    • alliteration. deformed and struggling with poverty
    • ugly and inhuma
    • seen as not important, no life
    • symbolic for poverty
    • poverty is ugly
  2. three tiers
    • imagery of a wedding cake, suggests it is ornate and intricate
    • ironic, jars with the message of St Francis - contradiction
    • contrast between the church and beggar is shocking

    the beggar has nothing just like St Francis who took a vow of poverty, they are linked
  3. A priest explained how clever
    • introduces hypocrisy of the Church
    • tone is sarcastic, he is critical of the priest
    • priest is naive
    • art he is celebrating is expensive but neglecting Christian duties
    • trying to impress wealthy tourists
    • missing the real message
    • preoccupied with wealth
  4. clucking contentedly
    • alliteration, compares tourists to chickens to show they are ignorant.
    • happy to take things in

    • extends metaphor; GRAIN OF THE WORD
    • function as a group
    • stupid
    • symbolic of society
  5. ruined temple
    • contrast with beautiful church
    • emphasises the ignorance and hypocrisy of organised religion
  6. as voice as sweet as a childs
    • contrast to how the beggar has been portrayed so far
    • build up sympathy
    • revelation is beggar is beautiful inside
    • full of innocence and beauty that the tourists/priests will never see
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