Letter to Daniel

  1. My Dear Son
    • emphasises feelings
    • written from the heart
    • personal and special
    • protective
  2. soft quiet
    • tranquil setting
    • peaceful
    • stillness
  3. we had wanted you and waited for you
    • Repetition of "you" reinforces personal aspect
    • pride and joy
    • precious and more than they hoped for
    • patience
  4. turned me upside down and inside out
    • outlook on life has changed - disorientated
    • whole shift in thinking - new perspective
    • his values are radially different
    • happiness and joy reinforces universal theme of fatherhood
  5. "glory and prizes and praises were sweeter than life"
    • sees the value of life and how big his ego was
    • Daniel means more to him now
    • was a risktaker and reckless - selfish
    • no longer can take chances
  6. hurt and abused and killed
    • Daniel's vulnerability is impressionable
    • Children are innocent
    • Daniel's birth has changed his perception
  7. 'Ten year old Andi Mikail.... how his voice cried out
    • anecdote - horrific death
    • real sense of pain and suffering
    • choice of detail is important - emotive
  8. Motherless, fatherless
    • Repetition and balance - she has nothing
    • Sentence structure - inverted emphasis to show she is alone
  9. living and dying for the battle
    • omniscient narrative stance
    • destructive - beyond help
    • desperation and sadness
  10. "sound of hope and new beginnings"
    • sense of hope and future and reconciliation
    • New reason to celebrate
    • Father would be proud of grandson
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