OMG Vocab Words

  1. the true value of a number
    absolute value
  2. two numbers that are the same distance from zero but on opposite sides of zero
    opposite number
  3. numbers consisting of the negative integers, zero, and the positive integers
  4. an integer less than zero
    negative integer
  5. an integer greater than zero
    positive integer
  6. the steps you take in order to solve a problem
    order of operations
  7. top part of a fraction
  8. bottom part of a fraction
  9. opposite fraction
  10. fancy word for reciprocal
    multiplicative inverse
  11. add or multiply terms in any order they will still come out with the same answer
    communicative property
  12. changing the grouping of terms does not change the sum or product
    associative property
  13. the number added to zero is always that number. The number multiplied by one is always that number
  14. the equals tells you that the value is the same on both sides of the equation
  15. distribute the number outside the parenthesis to the numbers on the inside
    distributive property
  16. positive numbers that are not fractions, decimals, or negatives
    whole number
  17. number that is its natural form. Doesn't include zero, fractions, decimals, and negatives
    natural numbers
  18. a number that has a whole number part and a fraction
    mixed number
  19. a symbol that is used to represent one or more numbers
  20. an expression consisting of numbers and operations
    numerical expression
  21. an expression that consists of numbers, variables, and operations
    variable expression
  22. expression that uses numbers, symbols, and variables
    algebraic expression
  23. the pats of an expression that are added together
  24. the number part of a term that includes a variable
  25. a term that has a number but no variable
  26. a mathematical sentence formed by setting two expressions equal
  27. a mathematical sentence formed by placing an inequality symbol between two expressions
  28. a comparison of 2 numbers using division
  29. ratios that have the same value
    equivalent ratios
  30. a ratio of 2 quantities measured in different units
  31. a rate that has a denominator of 1 unit
    unit rate
  32. the amount earned or paid for the use of money
  33. an amount of money that is deposited or borrowed
  34. a part of a population
  35. selected in such a way that each member of the population has an equally likely chance to be part of the sample
    random sample
  36. the entire group of people or objects about which you want information
  37. sample that is not representative of the population from which it is selected
    bias sample
  38. choosing individuals that are easiest to reach
    convenience sampling
  39. occurs when people themselves choose to respond to a general appeal
    voluntary response
  40. the average distance of each data value from the mean
    mean absolute deviation
  41. making a guess from the information given. What you think might happen or the results you will have
  42. the possible results when an experiment is performed
  43. objects having similar features and shape
  44. sides that occupy corresponding positions
    corresponding sides
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