ch 1-21

  1. abode
    dwelling place
  2. affability
    friendliness; courtesy
  3. amends
    give compensation
  4. bestow
    confer as gift
  5. caprice
    whim; lively or fanciful music, etc
  6. censure
    criticize harshly; reprove
  7. condescend/deign
    graciously consent to do something while showing superiority
  8. contemplation
    to survey with eyes or mind; to regard as possible; to intend
  9. coquetry
    to flirt as a women does
  10. countenance
    face or its expression; composure; moral support
  11. deference
    resect conduct; compliance with another's wishes
  12. discernment
    to have good judgement
  13. disconcert
    disturb composure of; fluster
  14. draught
    current of air indoors; traction; drawing liquor from a cask
  15. eminent
    distinguished; notable
  16. emphatic
    forcibly expressive; bearing emphasis
  17. esteem
    think highly of; deeply respect
  18. expostulation
    to make protest; to remonstrate
  19. exultation
    feeling of triumph over another person
  20. felicity
    intense happiness
  21. folly
  22. fortnight
    2 weeks
  23. impertinent
    insolent, saucy
  24. injunction
    authoritative order; judicial order restraining from specified act, or compelling restitution
  25. insipid
    dull, lifeless, tasteless
  26. insolent
    impertinently insulting
  27. odious
    hateful; repulsive
  28. parsongae
    any clergyman or minister's house
  29. prevail
    to be victorious
  30. probity
    uprightness; honesty
  31. procure
    succeed in getting; bring about; obtain for prostitution
  32. propitious
    favorable, auspicious
  33. proxy
    authorization given to deputy; authorization to vote on another's behalf
  34. rectory
    clergyman in charge of parish, head priest
  35. reprehensible
  36. stout
    fat, corpulent, thick, strong, brave
  37. tete-a-tete
    private convo b/w 2 people
  38. wilful
    intentional, deliberate; headstrong, obstinate
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