Social Studies page 3 May 21

  1. How are the Rockies believed to be formed
    two huge plates of land collided and one plate pushed the other upward making the Rocky Mountains.
  2. Name the large city and state known for its movie productions in this region
    Hollywood, California
  3. In 1869 what made it much easier for people to come to the Western Region?
    the transcontinental railroad
  4. Name the first settlers to Alaska
    Inuit (also known as eskimos)
  5. Why did pioneers come to Oregon in 1830 to 1840?
    rich farmlands.
  6. How much land does the federal government own in Utahm
  7. How much land does the federal govermment own in Nevada
  8. What two cities produce silicon to use in computer chips?
    San Jose and Santa Clara
  9. What state leads the production of pineapples and sugarcane?
  10. What is Idaho known for?
    its potato production
  11. Where are most of the fruits, nuts and vegetables produced in the world?
    Central Valley California
  12. What state is the leading producer of uranium in the U.S.?
  13. Where does Alaska transport its oil from?
    the frozen grounds in the Arctic to the ice-tree ports of Valdez
  14. What is Wyoming's most important industry?
    oil and natural gas
  15. Why does it get colder the higher you climb a mountain?
    because elevation effects climate
  16. What park in Wyoming has hot spots, geysers, waterfalls, and lots of wildlife?
    Yellowstone National Park
  17. Where is China town?
    San Francisco, Cal
  18. What mountain man helped find the South Pass through the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and later helped pioneers across the mountains?
    Jebediah Smith
  19. Who found gold on his property in Jan. 1848 which brought many miners out ot California during the gold rush?
    John Sutter
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