1. What is a mathematical model?
    The Simplification of the real world
  2. What are the advantages of a mathematical model?
    • Its quick and easy
    • can be simplified 
    • help provide control
    • enable prediction about future
  3. What are the disadvantages of a mathematical model?
    • only give partial description of real solution
    • only work for a restricted range of values
  4. Stages of mathematical model are...
    • 1. Real world prob observed 
    • 2. math model devised 
    • 3. model used to make prediction 
    • 4. Experimental data collected
    • 5. Compare pridiction and observed outcome
    • 6. Stats test to see how well model describe real world
    • 7. model can be refined if needed
  5. What is a continuous variable?
    Variable that can take any value in a given range
  6. what is a discrete variable?
    Values only taking a specific value in a given range.
  7. Conditional probability
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  8. Independent Probability
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  9. Mutually exclusive
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