DIT day 5

  1. triptans are contraindicated in what patient popultaion?
    • cad
    • prinzmetal angina
    • pregnancy
  2. rx for endocarditis?
    IV antibiotics
  3. nitroprusside dilates arteries or venules?
  4. what must be kept in mind when lowering bp in malignant htn?
    n0t to lower diastolic bp by more than 25%
  5. map goal in neurogenic shock?
    map = 85
  6. rx for neurogenic shock/
    • pressor--norepi
    • dobutamine or atropine for brady cardia
  7. what prevention must be take with patients who are on steroids for 3 months?
    • bisphosphonates
    • vit D and calcium
  8. what are the components of endocardial cushin defect?
    any combination of asd, vsd or other atrioventricular defects, common in down syndrome
  9. 5 types of transfusion rxns?
    • febrile--nothing
    • urticarial--plasma proteins
    • hemolytic-abo incompatibility
    • delayed hemolytic-rh or kidd incompatibility
    • anaphylatic--IgA deficiency
  10. hla matching in organ transplants is important for which organs?

    not that important
    kidney and pancreas

    liver and heart
  11. normal fluid index?
    between 5 and 25
  12. the only uti producing bacteria that makes urine alkaline?
  13. when is extracorporeal shock-wave lithotrypsy used?
    for symptomatic small gall stones
  14. do kids with constitutional growth delay attain normal adult height?
  15. most common thyroid nodule?
    benign colloid nodule
  16. in what time frame do you do gastric lavage?
    within the 1st hour
  17. when do you check for acetominophen levels?
    4 hours after digestion
  18. when you dont know what to give in toxicology, what do you give?
  19. what effect does prevalance of disease have on PPV?
    what effect does increased specificity have on  
    what effect does increased sensitivity have on NPV?
    • increases it
    • decreases it

    • increases it
    • decreases it
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DIT day 5
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