Chapter 16

  1. abrasion
    scraping away
  2. abscess
    collection of pus
  3. acne
    eruption of the skin
  4. burn
    • superficial burn-1st degree burn
    • partial-thickness burn- 2nd degree
    • full-thickness burn- 3rd degree
  5. cellulitis
    inflammation of the subcutaneous layer of skin
  6. cicatrix
    the fibrous tissue replacing normal tissue destroyed by disease or injury; scar
  7. comedo
    whitehead/ blackhead
  8. contusion
    injury producing discoloration and swelling without causing a break in the skin; bruise
  9. cyst
    thick-walled, closed sac or pouch containing fluid or semisolid material
  10. decubitus ulcer
    pressure sore
  11. eczema
    inflammatory condition of skin causing redness, scaling, blisters, itchiness, and burning
  12. excoriation
    a scratch mark on the skin
  13. fissure
    a deep furrow, cleft, slit, or tear in the skin
  14. furuncle
    infection of a hair follicle; commonly called a boil
  15. gangrene
    area of necrosis due to lack of blood flow
  16. herpes simplex
    caused by a local infection of the herpes virus
  17. herpes zoster
    commonly called shingles
  18. impetigo
    a contagious bacterial skin infection typically occurring on the face of children
  19. jaundice
    abnormal yellowing of the skin
  20. keloid
    an overgrowth of scar tissue
  21. lesion
    a pathological change in tissue resulting from disease or injury
  22. macule
    flat, less than 1cm in diameter
  23. nevus
  24. nodule
    solid round or oval elevated less than 1cm
  25. papule
    small 1cm solid elevation of the skin
  26. paronychia
    inflammation and infection around the nail due to bacteria or fungi
  27. pediculosis
    an infestation of lice
  28. psoriasis
    silvery discolored area of rough skin on the scalp, knees, elbows
  29. pustule
    a small abscess
  30. scabies
    caused by mites
  31. tinea
  32. tinea capitis
    fungal infection of the scalp
  33. tinea pedis
    athletes foot
  34. urticaria
  35. varicella
    chicken pox
  36. verruca
  37. vesicle
  38. vitiligo
    loss of pigment of the skin
  39. wheal
    smooth, edematous(swollen) popule or plaque that is redder or paler than surrounding skin
  40. xanthoderma
    any yellow coloration of the skin
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