Sound Signals

  1. Continuous ringing on the alarm?
    Fire Stations
  2. 7 Short blasts and 1 long followed by 7 Short and 1 long on the alarm?
    Boat & Raft Stations
  3. 3 long blasts followed by 3 long rings on alarm?
    Man overboard
  4. 3 short blasts
    Ship's engines going astern
  5. 2 short blasts
    Ship Turning to Port
  6. 1 short blast
    Ship Turning Starboard
  7. Verbal order from the Master Only?
    Abandon Ship
  8. Fog Signal
    1 long blast every two minutes
  9. 1 long blast?
    Departure Signal
  10. 10 short blasts
    Emergency Warning Signal (hold tight)
  11. High-Pitched two-tone continuous alarm
    First Aid Room
  12. Handicap Washroom
    Low-pitched rising tone continuous
  13. Schedule F
    General alarm plus announcement
  14. 3 long rings on the general alarm plus announcement
    Schedule G (emergency party)
  15. Elevator Alarm
    Continuous ringing near elevator
  16. Buzzer in wheelhouse
    Elevator Alarm in Wheelhouse
  17. 1 High-pitched continuous tone
    Stop Loading
  18. Carbon Dioxide Signal
    Continuous horn blast from CO2 warning alarm
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Sound Signals
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