Legal Terms and Boundaries

  1. assault
    is a threat or an attempt to injure another person.
  2. battery
    is the unlawful touching of another person without his or her consent.
  3. informed consent
    is the permission granted by a person in his or her right mind who voluntarily gives consent for treatment.
  4. crime
    results from performing a forbidden act or from the omission of a duty commanded by a public law.
  5. libel
    is writing defamatory matter about an individual or group to a third party.
  6. slander
    is a spoken statement of false charges or misrepresentations that defame or damage another's reputation.
  7. false imprisonment
    is the holding or retaining of a person against his or her will.
  8. felony
    is a serious crime that carries a penalty of imprisonment fro more than one year and possibly the death penalty
  9. invasion of privacy
    is a civil wrong that unlawfully makes public knowledge of any private or personal information without the consent of the wronged person.
  10. malpractice
    means "bad practice." It is care that leads to faulty practice or neglect.
  11. privileged communication
    concerns any personal or private information given by a patient to a medical personnel that is revelant to his or her care.
  12. reasonable care
    is the legal obligation of a health care worker. they must perform according to the standards of practice expected in their community for comparable workers
  13. sexual harassment
    is defined by federal regulations as "unwelcomed sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal and physical contact of a sexual nature."
  14. will
    is a legal document that defines the dispostion of property and takes effect after death
  15. negligence
    is the failure to perform in a reasonable prudent manner
  16. reportable incidents and conditions
    the health care worker is obligated to file a confidential reprt to the county health department when child or adult abuse is suspected.
  17. ombudsman
    is a social worker, nurse,or trained volunteer that make sure patiebts are not being abused.
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