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  1. psychodynamic therapy
    Abnormal behavior from unresolved past conflicts and unconscious
  2. psychiatrists vs. clinical psychologists
    psychiatrists can prescribe drugs while clinical psychologists can’t
  3. Aversive conditioning:
    • Create unpleasant reactions to stimuli that individual previously enjoying
    • dog pulling on leash with shock coller
  4. Systematic desensitization
    Hierarchy of fearful stimuli paired with relaxation; Use of imagery
  5. Exposure treatment
    Sudden or gradual exposure to feared stimulus(no relaxation)
  6. Token system:
    Person rewarded for desired behavior with token—later exchanged for something desirable
  7. Contingency contracting
    Written agreement: outlines behavioral goals and positive consequences if achieved
  8. Observational learning
    Learning by watching others’ behavior
  9. cognitive behavioral approach
    • client must change faulty thinking about self
    • Taught better ways to cope
    • Cognitive therapy plus learning principles
    • Not to confrontive
  10. rational emotive therapy
    • help for restructuring belief system into more realistic, rational, and logical set of views: very direct & confrontive
    • A.: NEGATIVE activating condition
    • B: IRRATIONAL Belief system
    • C: EMOTIONAL consequences
  11. humanistic therapy: Person (client) centered therapy; unconditional positive regard &
    • We have control over our behavior and can make good choices
    • Person-centered therapy:help people reach their potential
    • Therapist give unconditional positive regard
    • Reflection: clarifies, reflects back what client says
  12. empathic reflection
    you try to look at the world from other people’s point of view and reflect how they think. You become the other person for a time.
  13. interpersonal therapy
    • Centered around social relationships
    • Deals with conflicts w/ others role transitions and social skills, grief
  14. Group therapy
    several unrelated people meet with therapist to discuss their psychological functioning (common issue)
  15. Family therapy
    Involves two or more members of the same family, one or more of whose problems led to treatment
  16. Self-help therapy
    • Support groups
    • AA, Beravement, adjustment
    • NO therapist
  17. Does therapy work?
    yes, most psychologists believe that therapy works
  18. therapy effectiveness-
    therapy is effective and the person gradually becomes better than before therapy
  19. spontaneous remission-
    hypothesis that people can recover without therapy
  20. Drug therapy
    Control of psychological disorder through drugs
  21. antipsychotic drugs & dopamine role
    • Xanax, Valium, Libruim
    • Enhances sense of well-being
    • Reduction in anxiety
    • Are addictive and lead to dependence
    • Can have lethal effects
  22. SRI(Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)
    treat depression and effects the synapse by allowing more serotonin to remain in the synapse
  23. Xanax & valium: Benefits & cautions
    • benefits: reduction in anxiety
    • cautions: addictive and lead to dependence; can have lethal effects
  24. lithium & chlorpromazine treatment uses
    SCHIZ: Chlorpromazine, Clozapine, Haldol
  25. community psychology:
    branch of psychology that focuses on the prevention and minimization of psychological disorders in the community
  26. deinstitutionalization:
    transfer of former mental patients from institutions to the community.
  27. actual outcome:
    didn’t happen due to insufficient resources for the deinstitutionalized patients, many patients became homeless after released into the community.
  28. what early intervention programs do to thwart psychological disorders
    by treating the disorder early on, getting rid of the disorder is much easier
  29. diversity considerations in therapy, including Asian & Latino differences
    Asians and Latinos value family more so the consideration for therapy is a family decision. Chinese deal with depression or anxiety by not thinking about it.
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