Vocabulary 2

  1. Errand
    A trip taken to accomplish or retrieve something
  2. Cummerbund
    A belt worn with a tuxedo
  3. Microfiche
    Miniature reproduction of printed matter
  4. Cicatrix
    Tissue that forms over a wound
  5. Catamaran
    Sailboat set on two floats
  6. Obviate
    To prevent by effective measure
  7. Auxilliary
    Additional, supplementary
  8. Marionette
    Small puppet
  9. Tourniquet
    A device to arrest bleeding
  10. Bequeath
    To dispose of money or property by will
  11. Grimace
    Contorted facial expression
  12. Meticulous
    Taking extreme care about minute details
  13. Culinary
    Pertaining to cooking
  14. Jeopardy
    Risk of loss or harm
  15. Pinnacle
    The highest point of success or power
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