general science module 16

  1. define autonomic nervous system
    sons of anarchy which carries instructions from the CNS to the bodies Smith muscles cardiac muscles and glands
  2. define sensory nervous system
    this is the most nerves which carries information from the bodies receptors to the CNS
  3. define motor nervous system
    which carries instructions from the CNS do the skeletal muscles
  4. what are the two main types of cells in the nervous system
    no wrong and wrong what kind of cells in the human nervous system
  5. identify this pictures pointed out in this diagram of a new one
    see Figure 16.3 a dendrite be nucleus see sound body d Exxon
  6. what do dendrites do
    Carrie I like to go to signs to the body
  7. what do axum's do
    Axum scary optical 6 miles away from the cell body
  8. what is a sin apps
    assign app is a small gap between the axe on a4a receiving end of another cell
  9. explain how was signal crosses from the knot ac song of a neurons to the receiving cell
    when the electrical signal reaches the end of the Exxon translate it euro transmitters are released which travel across the sign at once they reach the receiving cell they create a new electrical signal
  10. what is the function of a neurology
    how to: support can I make it possible for the neurons to do their job
  11. I'm nervous I'm down like, carrying signal to the foot. Is it a part of the PNS or the CNS
    dinner part of the PNS contains all but one of a kind of course if it is in a leg it is of the spinal cord
  12. what two main structures make up the CNS
    the CNS is made up of the brain and spinal cord
  13. what two things to text the rain
    call final with a text to bring
  14. what protects the spinal cord
    the first Pro call mom to text a spinal cord you could also say the back room
  15. what is the brains gray matter composed of
    gray matter is made up mostly of neurons cell bodies
  16. what is the brains white matter composed of
    matter is made up mostly of the axe on off now
  17. which is the function of the corpus tell you something
    course close on the two sides of the brain communicate with one another
  18. what does this is there a bedroom primarily control
    charge oh so long we know find movie
  19. what's a part of the brain deals teen girls
    is in charge of most higher
  20. do the two sides of the brain do exactly the same thing
    put two sides of the brain do not exactly the same
  21. what side of the PNS does the left side of the brain control
    the left side of the brain controls the right side of the PNS
  22. what is the brain blood brain barrier and why is it important
    the blood brain barrier is a system that insulates the plane from the plot it is important because the chemicals and I what are toxic to brain cells
  23. what does the sympathetic division I'm sorry I to know my sister to see you
    this is Nick Division increases to rate and strength of a heartbeat it's the liver to lease market goes in the blood energy for the fight or flight response to the experience in your fridge and or angry
  24. what does the Ohio Paris signed Sonic division of the autonomic nervous system do
    Paris medic systems does the heart rate and lowers blood pressure in addition it takes care of virgin keeping activities such as causing stomach picture what is the testing me
  25. what are the four basic taste that we can detect
    text for basic tastes salty sour sweet and bitter
  26. what portion of the tongue is the least sensitive to taste why is it so insensitive
    the time is the least sensitive to take to the center because there if you taste but there
  27. when we know something what are we actually texting
    when we know we are actually texting chemicals what you're in the air
  28. where to is the function of TI's people
    the people 286 how much like getting to the eye
  29. what is the function of the eyes what
    Thurman's focuses light on the retina
  30. what is the function of the eyes you're very much
    who carry muscle do you form Bowman's changing focus
  31. what cells of the return a text liked
    where the optic nerve hi there are no rods and cones without the rods and cones but cannot be detected on that part of the weekend
  32. what causes on eyes blind spot
    experiment 1646 demonstrates that the fingers are mark touch sensitive which means that we have more Touch for latest nerves
  33. which part of the body has the most nerves related to touch the fingers or the arm
    the ear drum covers vibrations and ear air base in a few of the girls question is the charge yes back and forth
  34. what is the function of the eardrum
    eat your time and efforts pay station into the air interpretations of yes back and forth back and forth
  35. what is the function of the touch the a
    converse the back and forth motion us to go into electrical signals which can be received by the bank and interpreted as sound
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