Intro. To Health Science -- Year Review -- Introduction/History

  1. Health Care Systems?
    A method for delivering Healthcare
  2. Insurance?
    Transferring financial responsibility to another party.
  3. Diversity?
    • Different aspects of people
    • Age, Culture, Race, Gender, Religion, Physical Ability.
  4. Culture?
    How we grow up.
  5. Law?
    Set of standards.
  6. Ethics?
    Set of principals
  7. Tort?
    Something civilly wrong that a person can be sued for.
  8. Patients' Bill of Rights?
    Principals to help improve patient care
  9. Career Pathways?
    • Diagnostic
    • Therapeutic
    • Health Info
    • Support
    • Biotechnology
    • Research
  10. Professionalism?
    • An expert.
    • Traits: Honesty, Dependability, Empathy, Life-long learning, Teamwork, Looking professional.
  11. Empathy?
    Ability to relate to another person's situation.
  12. Emergency Situations and Care?
    Circumstances which cause symptoms that require immediate care.
  13. Family Health History?
    Record of diseases and disorders in family
  14. Technology and Medicine?
    Computerized technology diagnoses soft tissue diseases and injuries to improve treatment options
  15. Informed Consent?
    Telling people medical procedures, expected outcomed and possible complications.
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Intro. To Health Science -- Year Review -- Introduction/History