SS Transportation and Transcontinental Railroad

  1. like a covered wagon pulled by horses that traveled short distances or stages
  2. were people who stopped the vehicles at gunpoint and robbed the passengers
  3. was a company that hired people to deliver mail on horseback
    The Pony Express
  4. is a railroad that runs across an entire continent
    transcontinental railroad
  5. In 1862 what did the federal government ask the ___________ Railroad Company and the ___________  Railroad to do?
    In 1862 the federal government ask the Union Pacific Railroad Company and the Central Pacific Railroad to build a railroad that would reach from the east coast to the west coast of the United States.
  6. Where did Union Pacific and Central Pacific start each of their railroad tracks and where did they meet?
    Union Pacific started in Omaha, Nebraska.  Central Pacific started in Sacramento, California. They met in Promontory Point, Utah.
  7. Describe the men who performed the hard and often dangerous work to build the railroad.
    The work was done by men who fought in the Civil War, former slaves, immigrants from Ireland and Germany as well as thousands of Chinese immigrants.
  8. How long did it take to lay down 1,800 miles of track and by what month and year?
    It took six and a half year period and was completed in May of 1869.
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SS Transportation and Transcontinental Railroad
SS Transportation and Transcontinental Railroad