3DX5X Unit 1 Review

  1. Elisted training element assiged by the supervisor IAW AFI 36-2201 Classifying Military personnel (officer and enlisted)
    Duty position task
  2. enlisted training element defined as an integrated bundle of expert knowledge and organizational skills inherent to a particular career field
    core competency
  3. 3D Air Force Specialty focuses its attention on the administration of servers and server farms throughout the Air Force installations worldwide
    cyber systems operations
  4. What 3D AFS responsibility includes local base helpdesk/client support and "hands-on" maintenance actions?
    client systems
  5. which 3D AFS responsibilities include the deployment, sustainment, troubleshooting, and repairing of standard radio frequency (RF) line of sight, wideband and ground based satellite devices?
    RF transmissions systems
  6. What 3D AFS responsibilities include the installation, maintains and repairs of fixed and deployable air traffic, weather, ground air control, and warning radar systems?
    ground radar systems
  7. what 3D AFS responsibilites include the installation and maintenance for large scale network wiring in support of fixed and deployed Operations?
    cable and antenna systems
  8. who is the advisor for all matter affecting the career field?
    Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
  9. Who is the final authority to waive career field education training plan (CFETP) requirements to include the completion of the Air Force Specialty (AFS) career development course (CDC)?
    Air Force career field manager (AFCFM) *****
  10. who assists with the identification of qualified subject matter experts (SME) to help with the development of your specialty knowledge test (SKT) and your career development course (CDC)?
    MAJCOM functional manager (MFM
  11. what title is normally assigned to the on-station ranking 3D cyberspace non-commissioned officer (NCO)?
    Base functional manager (BFM)
  12. What is the main goal of the utilization and training workshop (U&TW)?
    Establish a viable Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
  13. which AFOSH standard would you reference safety information on "Material Handling and Storage Equipment"?
  14. Which AFOSH standard document would you reference safety information on "communications cable, antenna and communications-electronics systems"?
  15. The AFOSH stnadard that you would reference safety information on data processing facilities is called AFOSH standard
  16. what can a person absorb selectively damaging amounts of radiation that will result in deep tissue harming organs with little or no sensation of skin heating?
    non-ionizing radiation
  17. What ORM principle states that most logical choices for accomplishing a mission are those that meet all mission requirements while exposing personnel and resources to the lowest acceptable risk?
    accept no unnecessary risk
  18. what ORM principle requests you to weigh the risks against opportunities and benelfits to help maximize unit capability?
    accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
  19. what ORM principle has risk assessments of mission supportive operations done as a normal way of conducting a mission and not an add-on process?
    integrate ORM into operations and planning at all levels
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