Spanish Verbs ch.4

  1. acercarse
    to approach
  2. arrancar
    to pull/ root out; start up a vehicle
  3. colocar
    to put, place
  4. dedicarse
    to devote oneself
  5. embarcarse
    to embark, go on board
  6. equivocarse
    to be mistaken
  7. explicar
    to explain
  8. fabricar
    to make, manufacture
  9. indicar
    to indicate
  10. marcar
    to dial; mark
  11. mascar
    to chew
  12. mascar
    to chew
  13. pescar
    to fish
  14. publicar
    to publish
  15. sacar
    to take out
  16. tocar
    to touch; play a musical instrument
  17. agregar
    to add
  18. ahogarse
    to drown
  19. apagar
    to put out, extinguish
  20. cargar
    to load
  21. castigar
    to punish
  22. colgar (o - ue)
    to hang
  23. encargar
    to put in charge, entrust, to order
  24. entregar
    to hand in/ over
  25. jugar (u- ue)
    to play
  26. madrugar
    to get up early
  27. neger (e-ie)
    to deny
  28. pagar
    to pay
  29. pegar
    to stick/ beat
  30. rogar (o-ue)
    to beg, ask
  31. tragar
    to swallow
  32. abrazar
    to hug, embrace
  33. alcanzar
    to reach, overtake
  34. almorzar (o-ue)
    to have lunch
  35. cruzar
    to cross
  36. deslizarse
    to slip
  37. empezar (e-ie)
    to begin
  38. gozar
    to enjoy
  39. lanzar
    to throw
  40. rezar
    to pray
  41. tranquilizarse
    to calm down
  42. tropezar (e-ie)
    to trip, stumble
  43. leer
    to read
  44. oir
    to hear
  45. contruir
    to build
  46. caer
    to fall
  47. creer
    to believe
  48. poseer
    to have, possesses
  49. concluir
    to conclude
  50. contribuir
    to contribute
  51. distribuir
    to distribute
  52. huir
    to flee
  53. incluir
    to include
  54. intuir
    to have a sense of, feel
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Spanish Verbs ch.4
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