Questions 1

  1. ___________________’s Merode Altarpiece: Annunciation is set in a typical contemporary Flemish dwelling.
    a. Robert Campin          b. Albrecht Dürer          c. Leonardo          d. Michelangelo
    a. Robert Campin
  2. The Early Renaissance artist ____________ is considered the “Father of the Early Modern Period” because of his introduction of naturalism into his art.
    a. Giotto          b. Leon Battisa Alberti           c. Botticelli          d. Leonardo da Vinci     
    a. Giotto
  3. The _________________ was characterized by a renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman art and design and included an emphasis on human beings, their environment, science, and philosophy.
    a. Renaissance          b. Gothic          c. Mannerism          d. Baroque
    a. Renaissance
  4. Writing the Ten Books on Architecture _____________________, applied his treaties on the building Palazzo Rucellai, in Florence.
    a. Leonardo da Vinci          b. Giotto          c. Leon Battisa Alberti           d. Brunelleschi
    c. Leon Battisa Alberti
  5. One of the main social beliefs of the Renaissance is the ability to separate intellectual inquiry from matters of faith--the ability to be a good Christian and also study the pagan classics.
    a. True          b. False
    a. True
  6. Applying the new Renaissance ideas of Humanism ______________________’s Madonna of the Rocks portrays a Mary who is “human” and “real”.
    a. Giotto          b. Botticelli          c. Leonardo da Vinci          d. Raphael       
    c. Leonardo da Vinci
  7. Dissatisfaction with the leadership and policies of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Protestant Reformation. In response, the Catholic Church initiated the
    a. Humanism          b. Counter-Reformation          c. Black Plague
    b. Counter-Reformation
  8. Spans roughly the years from 1600 to 1750
    a. Baroque            b. Rococo          c. Renaissance
    a. Baroque
  9. Restrained spirituality is often present in works of baroque art; in the Roman Catholic countries, for example, scenes of ecstasies, martyrdoms, or miraculous apparitions are not common.
    a. True          b. False
    b. False
  10. ___________________'s David is a perfect example of Baroque style: which combines space, a sense of movement, energy, tension and theatrical spirituality. 
    a. Caravaggio          b. Gentileschi          c. Velázquez          d. Bernini
    d. Bernini
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