Shiatsu Final

  1. What are the two earliest Shiatsu texts?
    Yellow Emperor's Canon and Nei Ching
  2. How many meridians are in Shiatsu?
    14 primary. 12 organ and 2 strange
  3. What is another name for points on a meridian?
    Tsubo and vortex
  4. What is a tsun/cun (soon)?
    1 thumb unit of measure (1 1/2 finger)
  5. How many fingers are 3 tsun?
    4 fingers
  6. What is Shiatsu?
    Finger pressure
  7. What does TCM stand for?
    Traditional Chinese Medicine
  8. What is anatomical position for Eastern medicine?
    Hands up, palms forward
  9. What was Shiatsu originally known as?
  10. Where did Shiatsu originate?
  11. How did Shiatsu transfer to Japan?
    Through Merchants
  12. How did Shiatsu transfer to the West?
    From Japan through Jesuit Missionaries
  13. Where are Yin meridians located and which direction do they travel?
    Anterior and up
  14. Where are Yang meridians located and which direction do they travel?
    Posterior and down
  15. Which meridian is the longest in the body?
    The bladder meridian
  16. Which Yin meridian is the only posterior meridian?
    The governing meridian 
  17. What are two types of tsubo? What kind of energy do they have and how do you work on them?
    • Kyo and Jitsu.
    • Kyo is an area of depleted energy - hold to gather 
    • Jitsu is an area of too much energy - circle clockwise to disperse
  18. What is a Hara?
    Energetic center
  19. What is Tan Den?
    Geographic center
  20. Where is the geographic center located?
    2 inches or 3 cun below naval 
  21. What are the 3 treasure? What do they stand for and where do you treat them?
    Ki - Body. Jeng - Mind. Shen - Spirit

    Treat them in the glutes
  22. What are the intervals of the body clock?
    2 hour increments where chi is highest
  23. What are the first and fifth increments on the body clock?
    Lung (yin) 3AM-5AM and Heart (yin) 11AM-1PM
  24. What is the goal of Shiatsu?
    To balance Chi (energy) in the body
  25. What are some Yin qualities?
    North, Passive, Dark, Cold, Solid, Up, Inside, Female, Earth, Interior, Body, Night, Space
  26. What are some Yang qualities?
    South, Active, Light, Heat, Hollow, Down, Outside, Male, Heaven, Exterior, Mind, Day, Time
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