US History Grade HS Grade 11 Page 1-2

  1. The only people living on the North American Continent before 1400 were the Asians or Indians.
  2. Most of the ideas Americans have about religious freedom and self government came from the French.
  3. The Constitution was written before the Revolutionary War.
  4. The Constitution set down the rules and guidelines on how the American government would work.
  5. In the Revolutionary War, the Americans fought for the right to trade and the right to use the seas freely.
    FALSE! That was the reason for the War of 1812, not the Revolutionary War
  6. The Revolutionary War was fought because the Americans wanted to form their own laws and their own government.
  7. Those people who've lived before you are called your ancestors.
  8. What your ancestors have left you is called your heritage.
  9. People who live in the city are called rural people.
    FALSE! They are called: Urban People or Urbanites
  10. Before 1800, most of the people in this country lived in the West.
    FALSE! Before 1800, most of the people in this country lived in the East.
  11. The people who came from Europe to America came from what three countries?
    Spain, France and England
  12. From what country did the Americans get their ideas for religious freedom, self-government, and language?
  13. When the colonies no longer wanted to obey English laws or pay English taxes, this lead to the: __________.
    The Boston Tea Party which lead to the Revolutionary War.
  14. What was written when the Revolutionary War ended?
    The Constitution
  15. What did the Constitution do?
    Lay out how the government would run and define citizen rights.
  16. What did the 13 colonies become after the Constitution was written?
    The United States of America
  17. In the War of 1812 what were the Americans fighting for? (2 Objectives)
    • 1. The right to trade with whatever country they wanted trade with and
    • 2. The right to use the seas freely
  18. After the war of 1812 was over, how did the American people feel about their country?
    Patriotic. They felt like they were a nation.
  19. When did the American people begin to move west?
    At the end of the Revolutionary War
  20. People who live in the city are called _______ people.
  21. People who live in the country are called _______ people.
  22. As the forts and settlements began to grow, what did they turn into?
  23. As the cities began to grow, who was growing the food needed by the city people?
    The rural people
  24. Because people could move in and out of "classes" America is known as (a) totalitarian (b) socialistic (c) the land of opportunity
    (c) the land of opportunity
  25. Did the New or the Old Immigrants usually stay in the cities in the East? Why?
    New Immigrants. Because they were less educated and had less money. This limited their options.
  26. What has been around for as long as people have been around? (a) dishes (b) crime (c) bill of rights
    (b) crime
  27. Where will you find it written that people have the right to own a gun?
    The Constitution
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