1. German opposition to WWI settlement and "stab in the back" legend
    • Government wasn't good during war
    • legend: treaty signed on purpose to be bad for Germany
  2. WWI Reparations
    • Money for repairs
    • Germany wasn't allowed to talk in Paris; just signed
    • Germany debt to large; says will not pay
  3. Hyperinflation and Ruhr Crisis 1923
    • Hyperinflation - b/c don't want to pay debt, price increase dramatically
    • Ruhr Crisis - region with coal/steel production was occupied by Belgium/France, because of hyperinflation; millions are worth nothing
  4. Nationalist Socialist Party's Origins
    • Adolph Hitler - not founder of Nazi; believed Germans in foreign countries would be exploited
    • Beer Hall Putsh - attempted coup 1922, Hitler fails
    • Hitler's trial for treason - jailed and becomes famous
    • Mein Kempf - rambling book of Hitler
  5. Fascism
    • first used in Italy by Moussolini (wanted new roman empire)
    • Def: political philosophy; nation/race above individual
    • people owe to the stare
  6. Some Nazi Beliefs
    • Prefer autocracy than democracy
    • Blood and soil - connected to past
    • Germany emasculated by foreign powers (small army, everyone against Germans)
    • Necessary military buildup
    • Germans only in Germany
    • Anti-communism - no human equality
    • Anti-capitalism - no individualism
    • Protection of farmers, laborers - no division of land,  eldest son gets eveything
    • More "living space" - colonies in Europe
    • Eugenics - improving hereditary qualities fo race/breed
    • Anti-semistism - against all Jews
    • Xenophobia - fear/hatred of stranger/foreigners
  7. Dawes Plan 1924
    • Germany owes debt to US
    • France agrees not to have allies against Germany
  8. Locarno Treaties, October 1925
    • series of treaties signed to Germany's assure stability
    • discourage problems with neighbors
  9. SA and SS
    • SS - primary guard of Hitler
    • SA - paramilitaries; helped rise Hitler to Power
  10. Economic policies
    • failed search for autarky
    • Hjalmar Schacht - economist who helped implement policies under Hitler
    • Schacht fiscal expansionary policies
  11. Remilitarization
    • blank check to air forces
    • public announcement of conscription
  12. Night of the Long Knives June 29, 1934
    political murders
  13. anti-jewish policies
    • Nuremberg laws - Jews don't have natural right
    • Kristallnacht - attacks against jews owned stores
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