Driver Permit

  1. When you see a "Roadwork Ahead" sign you should:

    B) look for the roadwork
  2. 1.
    When planning to make a left turn across an intersection and you are waiting in the middle of the intersection for the traffic to clear, your front tires should be turned:

    C) straight ahead
  3. You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car only:

    A) under no circumstance
  4. When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection you should:

    B) slow down and cross the intersection carefully
  5. Scanning the road ahead for hazards helps drivers:

    B) both answers are correct
  6. When you are driving on the freeway and the vehicle in front of you is a large truck, you should drive:

    A) farther behind than you would for a passenger vehicle
  7. To stop in an emergency situation when your car does not have ABS brakes, you should:

    C) apply hard steady pressure without locking up your wheels
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