HCI 7 (Evaluation: Analysis)

  1. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis?
    While quantitative analysis has structure of integers or real numbers (e.g. number of errors, gps tracking, completion time etc), qualitative analysis is everything else (e.g. preferences, categories of action etc)
  2. Give examples for both types of analysis:
    qualitative - post-tasl interview with specific questions such as "how easy did you find to complete the task of opening a new document?" / "did you find the interface visually appealing?"

    quantitative - completion time in order to directly relate to / assess learnability
  3. Describe issues with qualitative analysis (3)
    Validity - how much can we generalise from a few examples; are these representative interactions?

    Reliability - would another evaluator reach the same conclusions?

    Lack of structure in conclusions drawn - are these more than just a random collection of issues?
  4. Define Mode, Median and Mean
    • Mode – most frequently occurring value
    • Median – splits data set in two halves
    • Mean – sum of values divided by number of values
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HCI 7 (Evaluation: Analysis)
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