Yr 8 Materials

  1. I am shiny and hard - am I a metal or a non-metal?
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  2. I do not conduct electricity - am I a metal or non-metal?
  3. I rust if I am left out in the rain. What element am I made of?
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    Iron (iron is the only element that rusts)
  4. I conduct electricity - am I a metal or non-metal?
  5. Copper reacts with oxygen to form copper oxide. Name the compound in this reaction
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    Copper oxide
  6. What is a metal ore?
    A metal ore is a rock containing a metal, or a metal compound, in high enough concentration to make it economic to extract the metal.
  7. I boil at -20oC. Am I a metal or non-metal?
  8. I am a good conductor of heat (a thermal conductor). Am I a metal or non-metal?
  9. Why is it important to recycle aluminium?
    • Aluminium is extensively recycled because less energy is needed to produce recycled aluminium than to extract aluminium from its ore.
    • Recycling preserves limited resources and requires less energy, so it causes less damage to the environment.
  10. Sodium is a reactive metal and reacts with cold water. What are the two products of this reaction?
    Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen
  11. How can we test for hydrogen gas?
    Use the 'squeaky pop' test. (Put a lighted splint in the gas and wait for a squeaky pop)
  12. When any acid reacts with any metal, what is produced?
    A salt and hydrogen.
  13. What type of salt does hydrochloric acid make?
  14. What type of salt does sulfuric acid make?
  15. What type of salt does nitric acid make?
  16. Are most elements in the periodic table metals or non-metals?

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  17. Which is the most reactive, copper or sodium?
    • Sodium
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  18. What will be formed when magnesium and copper sulfate are reacted together?
    copper and magnesium sulfate (The magnesium is more reactive so displaces the copper)
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