Anatomy and physiology

  1. Lateral
    Toward the side the outer area of the leg athe area located on the side
  2. proximal
    nearest the origin of the structure nearest the trunk .The elbow is proximal to the forearm
  3. distal
    farthest from the origin of the structure;farthest from the trunk. The fingers are distal to the hand
  4. superficial
    nearer the surface. The skin of the arm is superficial to the muscles below it
  5. deep
    farther away from the body surfaces.The bone of the upper arm is deep to the muscle that surround and cover it
  6. Division of human body
    Sagittal plane
    Lengthwise from front to back gives right and left side of the body
  7. coronal plane
    (frontal) divides the body into a ventral section and dorsal section
  8. transverse plane
    cuts the body horizontally to sagittal and frontal planes dividing the body into caudal and cranial portions
  9. body cavities
    ventral anterior cavity
    consists of abdominopelvic and thoracic cavity.The diaphragm is a muscle directly beneath the lungs seperating the two cavaties
  10. dorsal (posterior cavity)
    consist of the cranial and spinal cavity
  11. venteral cavity
    abdominopelvic cavity
    liver gallbladder stomach kidneys spleen and pancreas small intestines and parts of large intestines
  12. ventral cavity
    lower portion of the intestines (sigmoid)urinary bladdder and internal structure of the reproductive system
  13. thoracic cavity (chest cavity)
    Pleaural cavity
    left and right spaces surrounding the lungs
  14. Thoracic cavity
    centrally located area outside of and between the lungs. It contains the heart aorta trachea esophagus thymus glands bronchial tubes and many lymph nodes
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