Immunity Review Questions 5-12-13

  1. How does a person get active immunity
    Vaccine or recovering from a particular disease
  2. An injection of a dead or weakened form of a disease-causing microorganism
  3. Temporary immunity to a disease produced by the injection of antibodies into the body
    Passive immunity
  4. Important when giving or receiving blood
    Blood type
  5. The portion of the blood plasma that diffuses out of the capillaries
  6. Lymph is carried by
    Lymph vessels
  7. Where are lymph nodes located
    The armpits, neck, and groin
  8. What do swollen lymph nodes tell you about your health
    There is an infection in your body
  9. The ability of the body to resist certain disease-causing organisms
  10. A disease-producing organism
  11. Three body defenses
    Skin, nose hairs, acid in stomach
  12. Problems or diseases of the transport system
    Cardiovascular disease
  13. Stress, diets, heredity, cigarette smoking, aging cause
    High blood pressure
  14. Too many white blood cells causes
  15. A blockage in one of the arteries that carries blood to the heart muscles
    Coronary thrombosis
  16. The body cells do not receive enought oxygen
  17. A virus that is caused by something that scientists call HIV
  18. Decreasing stress, losing weight, taking medication cure
    High blood pressure
  19. Radiation and drugs, balloon angioplasty, bypass surgery cure
    Coronary thrombosis
  20. Eating iron rich foods or taking pills containing iron cures
  21. Drugs such as AZT, DDI, and other cure
  22. Microbes that ever the body, causing disease, are known as
  23. Which substances may form in the human body due to invaders entering the blood?
  24. A substance which causes an immunological reaction when introduced into the body of man is
    An antigen
  25. An injection containing weakened forms of a disease-causing organism will usually trigger
    Production of antibodies providing active immunity
  26. Bacteria and dead cells are removed from circulatory fluid in the
    Lymph nodes
  27. Antibody production
  28. Which condition would most likely result in a human body being unable to defend itself against pathogens and cancerous cells
    The presence in the body of the virus that causes AIDS
  29. The release of histamines within the body is most closely associated with
    An allergic reaction
  30. Which cells are able to carry on the process of phagocytosis
    White blood cells
  31. May be produced by white blood cells

    Are produced by the body in response to the presence of foreign substances

    May be produced in response to an antigen
    Characteristics of antibodies
  32. The immune system attacks substances such as grass pollen that are usually harmless, resulting in
    An allergic reaction
  33. Liquid that is derived from human blood plasma and is in direct contact with the cells of the body is known as
    Intercellular fluid
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