1. asia
    Where the fist americains were commonly beleived to walk from
  2. artifact
    an object left beind by an ancient civilization
  3. archeoligist
    a person who learns about people throughthe things they left behind
  4. economy
    the system of buying and selling goods in a culture
  5. primary source
    created during the time period you are studing such as: pictures/ diary enntries
  6. secondary source
    items created by people who were not at an event (textbooks, movies)
  7. great law of peace
    this set of laws is remembered through oral tradition, but many of its ideas also show up in united states documents
  8. columbian exchange
    the term given to the exchange of live items between europe and n/s america by the explorers
  9. trade
    main reason for early exploration
  10. northwest passage
    a waterway that the french beleived existed through north america
  11. spain
    created the first permant colonie in north america
  12. goals of the spanish
    gold god and glory
  13. conquistadors
    a spanish explorer who claimed land and desroyed native cultures
  14. economy of the french
    fish and fur
  15. mercantilism
    idea that the only purpose of colonies was to make the mother country rich
  16. economy of northern colonies
    trading fishing whaling and towns
  17. economy of the middle colonies
    based on trade and commercial farming of grain
  18. economy of the southern colonies
    commercail faarming of indigo rice cotton and tobacco
  19. mayflower compact
    self government in the northern colonies in which men agreed to make and obey laws
  20. quakers
    settled in middle colonies: brought a sence of tolerance creating the most diverse colony
  21. house of burgesses
    first elected assembly in north america
  22. apprentice
    a person learning a skill from a master craftman
  23. indentured servant
    a person who exchanges a number of years of labor in exchange for passage to the new world
  24. subsistence farming
    farming only enough to feed your family
  25. nomad
    a group or person who travels in search of food and has no permant home
  26. indigenous
    people native to a region
  27. middle passage
    the brutal ship voyage from africa to the caribbean for slaves. many died due to harsh conditions.
  28. charter
    a document giving a colony permission to establish itself. it set down the rules for the colony
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