Bacillus spp

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  1. Gram Stain
    • Large GPB with spores
    • (only spore forming bacteria that grows aerobically)
    • Spores oval in shape - do not swell beyond cell
    • May chain to resemble bamboo rods
    • sometimes V & L shaped
  2. Growth on media for both types of bacillus spp.
    SBA - 18-24 hours

    • anthracis: gray white frosted medusa head projections coming up
    • cereus: beta hemolysis, gray white frosted
  3. Catalase test for both bacillus spp
  4. Motility for both species
    anthracis: Non 

    cereus: Motile
  5. Antibiotic therapy for both bacillus spp.
    anthracis: Sensitive to penicillins

    • cereus: flouroquinalones, tetracylcines and others. 
    •         for cereus: avoid beta lactams such as penicillins and cephalosporins they are less effective.
  6. Clinical specimen for anthracis
    blood, CSF, etc
  7. What are the confirmatory identification for anthracis?
    • Phage lysis
    • Capsule production on bicarbonate media
    • DFA (capsule antigen cell wall.
    • PCR - specific ID of DNA
    • India ink stain
    • McFadyean stain
  8. B cereus is most noted for what type of infection?
    Food poisoning - Is toxin mediated which is food that is contaminated with bacteria.

    Less common: opportunisitic infection
  9. Epidemiology/etiology for B. anthracis
    • Typically acquired through contact with anthrax-infected animals or animal products.
    • by: 
    •     Cutaneous - direct contact -  wool sorters disease.
    •     Inhalation - aspiration of spore aerosol
    •     Gastrointestinal: eating of contaminated meat.

  10. Epidemiology for B. cereus
    • Diarrheal - meat 24 hrs self limiting
    • Emetic - fried rice 10 hrs self limiting
    • Both caused by 2 distinct toxins

    Opportunistic: ocular infection & wound infection
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