Current Issues for May 17th

  1. Who is the new pope? Where is he from and how old is he?
    • Francis
    • Argentina
    • 76
  2. What did North Korea renounce?
    agreement that ended korean war in 1953
  3. Who is the new leader of North Korea?
    Kim Il-un
  4. What did North Korea do with missiles?
    moved them to the east coast and issued threats to US naval bases and even the US itself
  5. What would the immigration bill senate is working on provide?
    a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens in the US
  6. What happened to Atlanta Public school former superintendent and 27 teachers?
    turned themselves in after being involved in cheating scandal
  7. Who was Margaret Thatcher and what happened to her?
    • First female Prime minister of Britain
    • died at age 87
  8. Who won the NCAA basketball tournament?
  9. Who is Adam Scott?
    first austallian to win Masters golf tournament
  10. What is Obama's proposed budget for 2014?
    3.77 trillion
  11. Who is new president of venezula?
    Nicolas Maduro
  12. What happened at Boston Marathon?
    3 killed and 170 wounded in bombing
  13. Who did the bombing at boston? What happened to them?
    • two brothers from Chechnya 
    • Killed a cop at campus
    • one dead other captured
  14. What happened at Chemical plant fire in Texas?
    14 killed 200 injured
  15. What did a man send to the president?
    letter containing poison ricin
  16. What bill was defeated in senate?
    gun bill
  17. What happened in China?
    earthquake kills 200 injures over 11000
  18. What happened in Canada?
    Al Queda connected terrorist planned to blow up train to Niagra Falls
  19. What happened with CISPA?
    • House passed
    • senate will not vote on it
    • Obama threatned to veto
  20. What did france do?
    • 14th nation to legalize same sex marriage
    • caused protests and some rioting
  21. Why were 3 more taken into custody in Boston?
    obstructing justice and lying to federal officals
  22. What did Isreal do to syria?
    bomb them twice
  23. Which country singer died at 81?
    George Jones
  24. What was April unemployment?
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Current Issues for May 17th