Product Design - Thermo Plastics.

  1. Give the definition of thermoset plastic, you should refer to the molecular structure.
    These plastics can only be shaped by heat once, due to the cross linking that takes between monomer chains.
  2. Name 5 Thermoset plastics.
    Thermoset plastics include; ABS, PET (Polyethylene Trephlate), PMMA, PP (Polypropylene), HIPs (High impact Polystyrene), LDPE (Low density polythene), Nylon, UPVC.
  3. Name the common properties of thermoplastics.
    • They can injection moulded due to the fact it is a thermoplastic.
    • They can be coloured with pigment to make the product more aesthetically pleasing to the user.
  4. Give the properties of PP (polypropylene). (Chair Backrest)(Racing Car)
    • Lightweight, so can be easily moved around/lifted.
    • Easily recyclable.
    • Inexpensive.
    • Is a non-toxic material.

    • Chair Backrest;
    • It is thermoset plastic which makes it suitable for injection moulding.
    • Can be coloured with pigment which improves the aesthetic look of the product and make it more appealing to the user.
    • It is strong material, so it can withstand a level of wear and tear so would not break if the chair were to fall over.
    • Is water resistant, so would be easily to clean if a liquid was split onto it.
  5. Give the properties of LDPE (washing up bottle).
    • Tough and flexible.
    • Heat-sealing/insulating.
    • Not normally recycled.

    • Washing up bottle;
    • It is a thermoplastic, so is used for the blow moulding process.
    • It is a flexible product which allows the bottled to be squeezed to push to contents out.
    • Is durable so will withstand the frequent use by the user.
    • Pigment can be added to LDPE which will improve the aesthetics of the product.
    • Is a waterproof material, so will hold the contents of the product well.
  6. Give the properties of HDPE (Children's toys).
    • Children's toys;
    • It is a non toxic material so if safe for the children to use or if a child were to put it into their mouth.
  7. Give the properties of HIPs (Fruit Packaging).
    • High impact strength.
    • Easily Worked with.
    • Tough/Rigid.

    • Fruit Packaging;
    • Can be vacuum formed to create the shape needed for the packaging.
    • It is a food grade polymer, therefore will not contaminate the contents.
  8. Give the properties of PET (Mineral Water Bottle).
    • Easy to recycle.
    • Light weight.
    • Inxpensive.

    • Mineral Water Bottle;
    • Is a thermoplastic, so can be injection moulded which is suitable for making the shape of the water bottle.
    • Is a flexible material so the bottle will not break easily when dropped, it could be used in vending machines.
    • Can be recycled and is good for the environment as the bottle is likely to have a short life cycle.
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