1. Buck's Traction
    Used to alleviate muscle spasms & immobolizes a lower limb by maintaining a straight pull on the limb with the use of weights. A boot appliance is applied to attach to the traction.

    Weight is attached to a pulley; allow the weights to hang freely over the edge of the bed. No more than 8-10 pounds should be applied. Elevate the foot of the bed to provide the traction.

    Turn every 2 hours to unaffected side; strict BR.

    HOB 15-20 degrees

    May elevate foot of bed on blocks to prevent pt from slipping downward. DON'T elevate knee gatch.

    Place pillow beneath lower legs, not heel.
  2. Halo Fixation Device
    Provides immobilization of cervical spine; pins are used to maintain traction.

    Care of insertional sites includes cleansing are around pins using sterile technique. If prescribed by physician, clean with half strength peroxide or saline and sterile swabs 1-2 times/d.
  3. Balanced Suspension
    Realigns fractures of the femur, fibula or tibia. Uses pulley to create balanced suspension by coutertraction to the top of the thigh splint.

    • Thomas Splint- positioned under anterior thigh
    • Pearson Attachment- supports leg from knee down.

    Position client in low Fowler's on either the side or the back. Maintain 20 degree angle from the thigh to the bed. Protect skin from breakdown.
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