advertising final ch 13-14

  1. display advertising
    standard components of a print ad (headline, body)
  2. co-op advertising
    manufacturer pays part of the media bill when a local merchant features the manufacturer's brand in advertising
  3. preprinted insert
    ad delivered to newspaper fully printed ready for insertion
  4. free-standing insert
    cents off coupons for a variety of products
  5. classified advertising
    newspaper ads that are all copy messages under categories
  6. placement in magazines
    first cover page, second cover page, third cover and fourth cover, double page spreads. space contract-rate for all advertising palaces by a client. space order-insertion order
  7. sponsorship
    advertiser agrees to pay for the production of show and for ads that show
  8. participation in tv
    several advertisers buy commercial time for a show
  9. spot advertising
    time bought from and aired through local stations.
  10. program rating
    tv households tuned in/total tv households in market
  11. share of audience
    tv households tuned in/total households using tv
  12. types of radio ads
    local spot, network, national spot (in syndicated program)
  13. measuring radio audience
    average quarter hour persons, average quarter hour share, average quarter hour rating, cume (people who listened for at least 5 out of the 15 mins)
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advertising final ch 13-14