advertising final

  1. full colored print ads
  2. bleed
    15% more, colors go to end of page
  3. cost per rating point
    rating/audience. decides between different vehicles.
  4. share of voice
    ad expenditures/totalexpenditures in the industry
  5. CPM
    cost of ad/audience x1000. Cost of reaching 1000 people with any media
  6. Standard Advertising Unit -SAU
    adopted by newspapers for selling ad space with unit sizes. there are 57.
  7. ad planning: radio dayparts
    AM Drive time, Daytime, Afternoon Drive time, Nighttime, Late Night
  8. ad planning: TV dayparts
    Morning, Daytime, Early Fringe, Primetime access, Primetime, Late News, Late night
  9. 1 sided advertisement
    this is what the product is
  10. 2 sided advertising
    two points of view and counters the one opposing view
  11. creative abrasion
    disagreements between art department and executives, could be good
  12. message strategy
    promoting brand recall, link key attribute to brand, persuade customer, effective association, scare consumers, anxiety advertising, transform consumption experience, situate brand socially, define brand's image
  13. alien visitor
    person from outside agency that comes up with an idea
  14. copywriting
    process of defining the benefits of a brand through verbal or nonverbal communication
  15. creative plan
    single most important thought, product features, benefits, Media, time/length or space of ad, suggestion/mood/tone, how to achieve objective, production budget
  16. print ad consists of
    Headline then Subheadline then Body Copy then Visuals then Name, logo, url. either straight line copy, dialogue, narrative, testimonial, direct response copy
  17. radio
    theater of the mind: Music, Dialogue, Announcement, Celebrity Announcement: Fact Sheet not script
  18. tv
    lift, Demonstration Ad, Problem and Solution Ad, Music and song, Vignette (continuing story among ads), Dialogue, Narrative, Personal or Impersonal (most), Slogan
  19. art direction
    Illustrations, stimulating body copy, creates social context for product
  20. media planner/account planner
    informs creative team of modern media, account planner has consumer research
  21. developmental copy research
    While copywriting process is happening: focus groups
  22. evaluative copy research
    after campaign is released
  23. order of print production
    thumbnail sketch, rough sketch (actual size), comprehensive (actual copy), mechanical (last changes), production
  24. close date
    the due date at the media for ad to be included
  25. lead time
    time from the close date to when ad is shown
  26. tear sheet
    for newspapers, short lead time, shows how ad will look
  27. tv and radio production pre pro
    storyboard, approval of production budget (for TV: 350,000-500,000), location shoot, set, hire director, cast, production house (provides director and everything)
  28. tv and radio production
    film or tape, animation, claymation or stop action photography, rotoscoping, dailies (going over with what you shot that day), scratch track (music recorded separately from dialogue), rough cut (best scenes that you probably want to use), sound track, lift
  29. media plan
    • Media class/media vehicle, Reach and frequency
    • that you want to achieve, Message weight (gross impressions), Message impressions, message strategy
  30. effective reach
    the number/percentage of people in a target audience that are exposed to an ad aminimum number of times so that they get it
  31. 3 hit theory
    1. Awareness 2. Benefits/attributes 3. Convice
  32. Effective frequency
    the number of times the target audience needs to see the ad before they get theobjective
  33. Message weight (gross impressions)
    total mass of advertising
  34. Measured media
    above the line, measured to certain extents
  35. Unmeasured media
    below the line
  36. between vehicle duplication
    and within vehicle duplication
  37. Gross rating points
    how many times an ad is shown and how many people are exposed to it, reach times frequency
  38. Continuity
    continuous advertising, flighting, time and length
  39. audience fragmentation
    fewer people in each media
  40. precision targeting
    eliminates waste
  41. globalization
    media is not contained by national borders, rise of new media. foreign agencies partner with local ones or media buyers
  42. brandscapes
    total environment within which brand is presented and displayed.
  43. creative brief
    brand claims, creative devices, used media, special creative needs, message
  44. long copy landing page
    website designed to sell a product directly
  45. short copy landing page
    brand offer that may be accessed by a consumer through key word search and has a length of a magazine ad
  46. long copy email
    offers incentives to buy product and offers link to short copy
  47. teaser email copy
    short message to drive readers to long copy landing page
  48. copy should always be submitted to
    advertiser's senior executive
  49. balance
    formal balance is symmetrical presentation. informal balance is asymmetrical.
  50. font
    blackletter-gothic ornate design, roman-most common, serif-feet at ends of letter, sans serif-headlines & don't have serifs. point=size of type in height, picas=width of lines
  51. advertising plan
    introduction, situation analysis, cultural context, historical context, industry analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis
  52. objectives
    brand awareness, top of the mind awareness, purchase intent, trial usages, repeat purchase, brand switching
  53. budgeting
    percentage of sales approach, share of voice, response modes (money spent on ads and sales generated), objective and task approach (budget needed for objectives)
  54. interpersonal abrasion
    clash of people, no new ideas
  55. 3Ps creativity framework
    people, process, place
  56. agency compensation
    individually negotiated deals, 75% fee based, used to be commission. now less financial reward for buying lots of mass media.
  57. message weight
    total mass of advertising delivered. gross number of advertising messages or exposure opportunities delivered by vehicles in a schedule.
  58. gross impressions
    sum of exposures to the entire media placement in a media plan
  59. flighting
    heavy ads, stop for awhile, heavy advertisements
  60. pulsing
    continuing ads but with periods of heavy scheduling.
  61. square root law
    recognition of print ads increases with the square of illustration. full page ad is 2x as memorable as a quarter page
  62. Really Simple Syndication
    channel from blogs or content the computer user is linked to
  63. upfronts
    period where tv networks reveal their full live ups and presell ads on them
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