Western Civ

  1. What is Aboslutism?
    • The monarch has sovereign power of the state
    • Some had fundamental laws to obey
    • Could be influenced by nobles
  2. What is Anarchism?
    • No one is in control
    • The Liberals (Enlightenment)where considered anarchists by monarchists
  3. Who is Aristole?
    • A Greek philosopher
    • Student of Plato
    • Teacher of Alexander the Great
  4. Who is Otto von Bismark?
    • Unified Germany during many wars 
    • Transferred the capital of continental Europe from Paris or Vienna to Berlin
    • During the the beginning of the 1870's
  5. What is Black Death?
    A great epidemic of many plaques that killed a large part of Europe during the 14th centuray
  6. Who is Julius Caesar?
    • He reformed the Roman society and government into the Roman Empire
    • Considered greatest military general
  7. What is Carolingian Renaissance?
    • Revival of Western Europe during Charlemagne
    • During (768-814)
    • First time since Roman Empire that Latin Christian Europe was unified
  8. Who is Clovis?
    • Founder of the Merovingian dynasty of Frankish kings
    • Defeated the last Roman ruler in Gaul
    • Turned to Catholic by wife
  9. What is Cold War?
    • The relationship between USA and USSR from 1845 to 1980
    • WMD were a big threat during this time
  10. What is Colombian Exchange?
    • When Europe and the Americas exchange products/diseases/slaves
    • This happened during the Age of Exploration and the First Global Age
  11. Who is Constantine?
    • Spread Christianity throughout Europe during the Byzantine 
    • His empire was called NewRome
  12. What were the Crusades?
    • A series of Holy Wars that were launched by the Christian states of Europe to recover Palestine
    • Started during the 1970's
  13. What were the Estates General?
    • Louis XVI summons them for its first meeting since 1614
    • Made of three states the clergy the nobility and the third estate made by the majority of the other people
  14. What was the Glorious Revolution?
    • The English people revolted against the demands of James II
    • James the second was king of England, Ireland, and Scotland 
    • Started social reform and didn't listen to the English parliament this angered them and the people
  15. What were the Hundred Years' War?
    • Lasted from (1337-1453)
    • King Philip VI of France attempted to take English territories land in Southwestern France they eventually drove them out
  16. Who was Karl Marx?
    Established the Communist ideology after the Industrial Revolution
  17. Who was Giuseppe Mazzini?
    Tried to unify Italy during the 1850's
  18. What was Laissez-faire capitalism?
    • Unregulated capitalism will create the greatest benefit for all.
    • Used as reason to to intervene in Irish famine.
  19. Who was John Locke?
    • Came up with theory of "Natural Law"
    • People have inalienable rights Life, Liberty, and Property.
    • Contributed to American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.
  20. Who was Martin Luther?
    • Inspired the Reformation
    • Wrote King James Bible
    • Proposed things against the Jew 
    • Ideas give full publicity by the Nazis
  21. What was Magna Carta?
    • It set down rights for the English Law
    • During King John's reign because he was tyrannical
    • (Trail by jury,protection of private property0
  22. What was NATO?
    Alliance between North America and Europeans territories to protect them from Soviet Union during the Cold War
  23. Who was Pericles?
    • Was a military and political leader of Athens
    • Opened archonship to lower class
    • Helped make Athens the dominate Greek City State
  24. What was the Scramble for Africa?
    • Competition between European countries for new found resources in Africa
    • Divided by industrialized countries by Berlin Conference
  25. Who was Josef Stalin?
    • Rose to power during the 1920's
    • Instructed five year plan and purges
    • Signed a treaty where they would take over eastern Poland when Germany attacked poland
    • (WW2)
  26. What was the Triple Alliance?
    Agreement between Germany, Ottoman Empire, Italy, and Austria Hungary during WW1
  27. What was Triple Entente?
    • Agreement between Russia, France, and Britain
    • Happened because of the Triple Alliance
  28. What was the Warsaw Pact?
    • Communist nations in eastern Europe counter to NATO
    • Comprised of Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslavia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union
  29. Who was William the Conqueror?
    • Duke of Normady, promised the English Throne by King Edward.
    • Ended fighting Harold twice for throne.
    • (1066-1087)
  30. Who was Woodrow Wilson?
    • Created Federal Reserve
    • Lowered work days
    • Child labor laws
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