Chapter 4.1

  1. Climate
    The average year after year conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds.
  2. Tropical zone
    The area near the equator, between about 23.5 north latitude and 23.5 south latitude.
  3. Polar zone
    The area's near both poles, from about 66.5 to 90 south latitude.
  4. Temperature zone
    The area between the tropical and polar zones, from about 23.5 to 66.5 north and 23.5 to 66.5 south latitudes
  5. Maritime climate
    The climate of some coastal regions, with relatively warm winters and cool summers
  6. Continental climate
    The climate of the centers of continents, with cold winters and warm or hot summers.
  7. Windward
    The side of mountains that faces the oncoming wind.
  8. Leeward
    The downwind side of mts
  9. Microclimate
    The climate characteristics of a small specific area : it may be different from the climate of the surrounding area.
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Chapter 4.1