Urinary System Lab

  1. Filtration
  2. Reabsorption
    the process of moving substances from the filtrate back into the blood
  3. Secretion
    moving substances from the blood and putting them into the filtrate
  4. Retroperitoneal
    Outside the peritoneal membrane (location of kidneys, also bladder)
  5. surround kidneys
    Renal Fat Pads
  6. tough connective tissue layer surrounding kidney; 
    Connects to _______
    • Renal capsule
    • fat pads
  7. Where do collecting ducts drain?
    Renal papilla
  8. 3 components of Renal Medulla
    • Renal pyramids
    • Renal papilla
    • Renal columns
  9. dark spots in cross-section of kidney
    Renal Pyramids
  10. function of renal fat pads
    • shock absorption
    • connect to body wall
  11. Urochrome
  12. glucose in urine
    • Glycosuria
    • diabetes mellitus
    • after sugary meal
  13. sediments commonly found in urine
    • water
    • sodium
    • potassium
    • sulfate
    • calcium
    • magnesium
    • bicarbonate
  14. indicates presence of liver disease or biliary obstruction or erthyrocyte destruction
  15. ketones in urine
  16. what two things together indicate diabetes mellitus
    glycosuria and ketonuria
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Urinary System Lab
Urinary System Lab