Bio Final

  1. What are the six kingdoms?
    archaea, bacteria, protista, fungi, plantae, animalia
  2. What does a modern taxonomist consider when classifying an organism?
    • phylogenetics(evolution)
    • cladistsics- uses shared and derived characteristics
  3. What is evolution?
    the idea that species change over time
  4. Who described natural selection?
    Charles Darwin
  5. Explain natural selection.
    process where organisms with favorable variations survive and reproduce at a higher rate than organisms with unfavorable traits
  6. Where did Darwin do much of his work? What were two of his major observations?
    • England and Galapagos
    • adaptive radiation
    • convergent evolution
  7. What is adaptive radiation?
    many species evolve from single ancestral species
  8. What is convergent evolution?
    unrelated species become more similar as they adapt to same environment
  9. Explain why artifical selection is important to animal breeders.
    because they can pick parents with most desireable traits
  10. According to fossil evidence, how long ago did life begin on Earth?
    3-4 billion years ago
  11. Define and Explain reporductive isolation
    inability of formerly unbreeding species to reproduce
  12. Define and Explain geographic isolation
    physically separated
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