Real Estate Terms

  1. Residential Property
    Single family,  duplex to quadraplex and multi family which is 5 units or more.
  2. Commercial Property
    All types of retail, wholesales, shopping, offices, restaurants, hotels and theaters.
  3. Industrial Property
    Mini warehouses, regular ware houses, manufacturing, land zoned industrial
  4. Agricultural Property
    Farms, timberland, ranches and orchards.
  5. Special Purpose Property
    Churches, Schools, government buildings, government land held, cemeteries.
  6. Subdivision
    Splitting a parcel of land into smaller parcels.
  7. Developing
    Construction of improvements. Off-site include water, sewer lines on public land. On-site include homes, offices, swimming pools, etc.
  8. Define Property Management
    Dedicated to rental and leasing of real property. Help other realize the highest profit consistent with owners' instruction.
  9. Define Associated Licensee
    A licensed real estate salesman, broker or property manager whose license is held by a BIC or PMIC
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