DIT day 4

  1. what agent is not given to bind phosphate in renal disease?
    ca citrate
  2. lesion that causes dysarthia?
  3. lesions that causes agraphia and acalculia?
    left parietal lobe
  4. ekg signs of hypokalemia?
    flattened t wave and u waves
  5. rx for homocytinuria?
    • folate
    • b6
    • b12
  6. who gets gp2b inhibitors?
  7. 3 indications for cabg vs angioplasty?
    • left main coronary stenosis
    • 3 vessels
    • dm
  8. what on a ekg implies mi untill proven otherwise?
  9. cardiac enzyme for detecting re-infarction?
  10. what electrolytes must be kept in check after mi?
    • potassium above 4
    • magnesium above 2
  11. management of afib?
    • rate or rhythm control
    • if rhythm control and <2 days--cardiovert
    • if>2 days---anticoagulate for 3 weeks +tee--> cardiovert
  12. when do you use a bi-ventricular pacemaker?
    EF=35% for 3 months
  13. what murmurs are heard best in left lateral decubitus position?
    mitral valve murmurs and S3 and S4
  14. what cardiomyopahty has both systolic and diastolic murmurs?
    dilated cardiomyopathy
  15. cause of pre-ecclampsia before 18 weeks of pregnancy?
    molar pregnancy
  16. why do you pretreat with lidocaine prior to intubation?
    to minimize increase in ICP pressure
  17. when is spine considered unstable?
    in any unconcious patient
  18. what glasgow coma scale requires intubation?
  19. test for a pt with no neck pain from a mva?
    • x ray ap
    • lateral
    • odontoid
  20. most accurate test to rule out cervical fracture?
  21. zones of the neck and what structures defy them and what is done to assess for trauma in them?
    • zone 1- clavicle to cricoid--angiography
    • zone 2- cricoid to angle of mandible-explorative laparatomy
    • zone 3- angle of mandible to base of skull- angiography
  22. management of flail chest?
    • oxygen
    • intubation
    • analgesia
  23. rx for a rape victim/
    • hep b vaccine
    • hiv prophylaxis
    • ceftraxone
    • azitromycin
    • metro
    • levonostergerol
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DIT day 4
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