EC Final Review 2

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  1. Development
    Change or growth in a human being
  2. Infant
    Term used to refer to a child from birth through the first year of life
  3. Toddler
    Term used to refer to a child from the first year until the 3rd birthday
  4. Preschool
    Term referring to children ages 3 to 6 years
  5. Windows of opportunity
    Specific spans of time for the normal development of certain skills
  6. Reflex
    An automatic body response to a stimulus
  7. Object permanence
    An understanding that objects continue to exist even if a person can't see them
  8. Deferred imitation
    Watching another person's behavior, then acting out that behavior
  9. Telegraphic speech
    Two word phrases used by toddlers when they first learn to combine words
  10. Temperament
    Quality and intensity of children's emotional reactions to their environment, such as passivity, irritability and activity patterns
  11. Attachment
    The strong emotional connection that develops between people
  12. Separation anxiety
    A child's difficulty in separating from parents, often occurring between 9 and 18 months of age
  13. Language comprehension
    An understanding of language
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