1. torta pascualete con membrillo
    raw sheeps milk cheese served with toasted bread, quince paste and fig jam
    • Origin: Extremadura.
    • each mini torta is handmade
    • raw milk brings notes of wild grasses and herbs with powerful and complex flavor, using vegetable rennet from the cardoon flower.
    • in the 1940s Luis figueroa fell in love with an american woman named Aileen griffith that turned out to be a  cia agent who then dedicated her life to the rich history of the Finca estate.
    • served with 6 poeces of pan de cristal
    • -dairy, gluten
  2. rey silo rojo con albacicoques y almendras
    intensely flavored cows milk cheese, paired with apricots and almonds
    • Origin: Austrias, villiage of colgollo.
    • one of the oldest production histories in europe. 
    • one of the first mentions comes from a letter to the emperor charlamagne.
    • made using the finest red pepper in spain
    • slightly spicy finish, thought to energize workers in the mining region of austias
    • -dairy/nuts
  3. rey silo blanco con polvorones de pinones
    intensely flavored cows milk cheese paired with pinenut crumble cookies.
    • Origin: Austrias
    • named after the king of austrias who presided over the court in the later part of the 8th century and is one of the oldest spanish cheeses. 
    • the translation means "hard to swollow"
    • Intense flavor wildflowers and fresh milk, with hints of hazelnut and butter.
    • the paste is creamy
    • served with pine nut cookies (flour, pine nuts, butter sugar, rosemary, salt and honey)
    • -dairy/nuts/gluten
  4. Pasamontes manchego con manzanas moscatel
    A sweet and tangy sheeps milk cheese paired with compressed apples and moscatel
    • Origin: castilla la mancha. named after the cheese maker that has been making cheeses since 1876. 
    • Aged for 4 months
    • -dairy
  5. Idizabal con membrillo
    a smoked, nutty flavored sheeps milk paired with quince paste
    • Origen" Basqu country. 
    • Sheeps milk using Lacha or Carrazana breeds.
    • High acidity, low fat
    • coagulated with young lambs rennet, giving it a piquant taste.
    • Normally this cheese is smoked with beech wood, hawthorn or cherry wood.
    • a robust, sharp, smokey cheeese, mad to be ripened for a long period of time.
  6. San Simon con garapinado de frutos secos
    A smoked cows milk cheese paired with nut brittle.
    • Origen: Galicia. shaped like a tear drop.
    • smooth buttery texture and lightly earthy taste
    • Nut brittle (almonds, walnuts, pine punts,pistachios, black raisins, sugar, water and salt.
    • 1oz
    • -Dairy/Nuts
  7. Cana de cabra
    A soft semi sweet goats milk paired with raisin walnut bread and fig jam
    • Origin: Murcia (orchard thick, mountainous region in southeastern Spain, benefitting from breezes from the Mediterranean.Region is known for engineering high quality goat milk products. 
    • creamy, mild, yet with a satisfying flavor, tangy citrus notes, balance the rich creaminess with a hint of deep woods mushrooms that grow in shady spots.
    • -dairy, nuts, gluten
  8. La Peral con raisins and pears a la Pedro Ximinez.
    Intensely flavored bleu cheese of cows milk with compressed pears in pedro ximinez 12
    • Origin: Austrias ( named for the town it is made in, La Peral) 
    • had been produced for a little over a century.
    • A.k.a. Queso Azul Asturiano\made from pasteurized cown milk
    • Aged at least 60-80 days, up to 4 months.
    • creamy and subtly sweet and a ittle bit lighter than other blue cheeses of the area
  9. Santa gadea con albaricoques y pasas
    a soft ripened organic goats cheese paired with dried apricots and raisins.
    • Santa Gaeda's goats dwellin a barn overlooking the Erbo river. they eat wild grasses and herbs along with organic fodder. they are free to exit the barn and forrage as they please.
    • edible rind, soft and crumbly, nuanced and creamy
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