Charlies ch 7 vocab

  1. additive
    a substance such as an anticoagulant, antiglycolytic agent, separater gel, preservative, or clot activator placed within a tube or collection container
  2. antiglycolytic agent
    substance that prevents glycolysis, the breakdown or metabolism of glucose by blood cells
  3. clot activator
    substance that enhances the coagulation process
  4. EDTA
    Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

    anticoag that prevents coagulation by binding or chelating calcium; it is used for hematology studies b/c it preserves cell morphology and inhibits platelet clumping
  5. heparin
    anticoagulant that prevents clotting by inhibiting thrombin formation
  6. hypodermic needle
    type of needle used with the syringe system
  7. multisample needle
    type of needle that allows multiple tubes to be collected with a single venipuncture
  8. potassium oxalate
    anticoagulant commmonly used with the antiglycolytic agent, sodium fluoride
  9. shaft
    the long cylindrical portion of the needle
  10. silica
    glass particles used to enhance the coagulation process, a clot activator
  11. sodium fluoride
    an additive that preserves glucose and inhibits the growth of bacteria
  12. tube additive
    any substance placed within a tube other than the tube stopper or the coating of the tube
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