Psychology 255 midterm notes 3

  1. mere measurement effect
    the tendency for participants to change their behavior simply because they have been asked how they will act in the future
  2. attribution (heterogeneous)
    the attribution rate in two or more conditions of an experiment are nioticeably different (threat to internal validity)
  3. Attribution (homogeneous)
    studies in which there is an equal level of attributution across all of the experimental conditions (threat to external validity)
  4. Confounds
    An additional variable that varies systematically with the independant variable or dependant variable (threat to internal validity)
  5. Artifacts
    important but overlooked variables that are held constant in an experiment (threat to external validity)
  6. Cluster sampling
    still a population survey, but it uses a moderately version of random selection ( a more broken down version of a population survey)
  7. Correlational methods
    A relationship or association between two variables that is of a particular direction and a particular strength
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Psychology 255 midterm notes 3
Psychology 255 midterm notes 3