Birth of Modern Dance

  1. What are the ideas the influenced Modern Dance?
    —New ideas were everywhere: nationalism, communism, socialism and ideas of freedom and equality – new nations were born (Italy), black slaves fought for freedom, and women demanded the vote.
  2. What are the most important characteristics of Modern Dance?
    • Exploration of the torso as a center for movement and expression (ballet = limbs, jazz = pelvis)
    • use of the barefoot
    • Free swinging motion of the whole body Treatment of space as three-dimensional
    • Importance of the expression of feelings and ideas
  3. What is the keyword in Modern Dance?
  4. —Who was a French opera singer who lost his voice and sought a way to convey feelings through the body?
    Francoise Delsarte
  5. What are the characteristics of The Delsarte method was taught around the world?
    —Developed freedom and relaxation of every part of the body (mind and spirit)
  6. Who was a self-asserted woman with larger than life personality that dominated the new American art form called modern dance?
    Isadora Duncan
  7. How was Isadora's Duncan dance different?
    Her art was a form of protest against the oppressed masses of the world including downtrodden workers, corseted women, and dancers imprisoned by strict rules of ballet technique
  8. —In her essay “The Dancer of the Future”, Duncan outlined her beliefs that dance should: embrace gravity,    not defy it, and that all movement    begins in the solar plexus.
    Embrace gravity,not defy it, and that all movement begins in the solar plexus.
  9. How were Isadora's Duncan performances?
    —She performed to classical music but her response was intuitive and emotional rather than academic (as in ballet interpretations of Petipa)

    She often improvised on stage
  10. Who created “skirt dancing”?
    Louie Fuller
  11. —She studied Greek art and like Isadora decided to restore Greek dancing to the world
    Maude Allan
  12. Maude Allan most famous piece that was intense and emotional, in it she wore costume jewelry and transparent chiffon.
    The Vision of Salome
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