Chapter 14

  1. What happened in the 1990's
    • breakdown of traditional market
    • single market shrink
  2. What is Hip-Hop?
    • Began in African America and Caribbean Am in NYC in 1970's
    • shaped by disco
    • used "mixing"
  3. What were two influential early rap songs and by whom?

    What did each do?
    • Rappers Delight y Sugarhill Gang
    • The Message by Grandmaster Flash

    Popularized rap

    • established trend of social realism in rap
    • launched entire stream of rap - political rap & "gangsta" rap
  4. What are 4 late 80's rappers?
    • Beastie Boys
    • Run DMC
    • Public Enemy
    • M.C. Hammer 
    • Vanilla Ice
  5. Who were the Beastie Boys?
    • expanded audience for rap
    • First successful white rap act
    • Represented fusion of rap and punk
  6. Who was Run DMC?
    • most influential act in rap music
    • often completed last few words or each other's phrases
    • introduced style of dress (hats, gold chains, etc.)
  7. Who was Public Enemy?
    • "It takes a nation of Millions to Hold Us Back' was a breakthrough
    • merged rap style with social and political commentary
    • Sample music from a variety of sources
  8. Who was M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice?
    • embraced mainstream pop elements
    • "Pop-friendly"
  9. What was Gangsta Rap?
    Name a two bands/artist
    • Associated with California
    • smoother sound
    • social commentary replaced by outlaw swagger

    • N.W.A
    • Snoop Dog
  10. Who was Snoop Dog
    • laid back but lethal persona
    • released two versions
    • made use of local refrences
  11. What was Techno Dance Music?
    • Music presented by DJ's who often remain anonymous
    • Performed at raves
    • Incorporates disco and funk
  12. What was Hardcore
    • West Coast style of post-punk
    • Associated with slam dancing and moshing
    • Sometimes assocated with radical politics
  13. What is Alternative music?

    Name 4 bands/artists
    • Sometimes refers to "underground" or "independent" music
    • challenges status quo

    • R.E.M
    • Nirvanna
    • Dead Kennedys
  14. Who was R.E.M?
    • one of the most influential indie bands of the 1980's
    • signed a 10 million dolloa, five album record deal with Warner Bros.
  15. Who were Nirvanna?
    • Lead by Kurt Cobain
    • Combines heavy metal texture with pop songwriting techniques
    • Best known Proponents of "Grunge" or "Seatle Song"
  16. Who were Phish?
    • Inspired by the spirit of Grateful Dead
    • Embrave electric influences
    • Successul as touring band, but not in record sales
  17. Name 3 women in Alt. Rock
    • Ani DiFranco
    • Lauryn Hill
    • k.d. lang
  18. Who was Ani DiFranco?

    Name a song
    • Merged folk music with puck aesthetics
    • Featured minimal musical accompaniment, and revealing lyrics
    • "Not a Pretty Girl" is a critique of cultural expectation
  19. Who was Lauryn Hill?
    • Hip-Hop artist who rejects violence
    • Influenced by 1950's R&B
    • Combines moral seriousness with musical playfulness
  20. Who was k.d lang?
    • Influenced by Patsy Cline and Honky-Tonk
    • Outspoken politics and sexual
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