EXW Tango Echo

  1. What is NTV?
    Non Tactical Vehicle.
  2. what is the maintenance team called in a convoy?
    Recovery Team
  3. Three criteria needed to fire warning shots.
    Qualified personal, must be over water, no collateral damage
  4. HF antenna has a radiation hazard area of what?
  5. Precedence 0 transmitted how quickly?
    30 mins
  6. What is 3 M?
    Maintenance Material Management
  7. The tip of a tracer round is what?
  8. What angle should your arm be positioned to deploy illumination ground signaling kit?
    45 degrees
  9. General Order 10
    To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.
  10. M240 Round
  11. Type of operation that fires the M4
  12. Max effect range of m240 point
  13. M9 max effective range
  14. EMRM
    Equipment maintenance related material
  15. Don gloves in what MOPP level
  16. Stun Range of Stun Grenade
    25 to 30 ft
  17. What prevents enemy from crawling between fences
    Tangle Foot
  18. Formation used when speed and control are governing factors
  19. Most Painful Burn
  20. US NAVY Protection Zone
    500 Yds
  21. Two Limits on the Range Card
    Lateral and Forward
  22. IALA US uses
  23. Term for water that recedes from the shore line
  24. Red over white over Red
    Restricted maneuvering
  25. 6th General Order
    To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the Commanding Officer, Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck, and Officers and Petty Officers of the Watch only.
  26. The continuos zone is how far from the shore line?
    24 NM (Nautical Miles)
  27. OC Spray is what part of escalation of force?
    Hard Controls
  28. 3rd step in the initial evaluation of a victim
    Check for injuries
  29. 3 methods to carry a victim
    Fireman Carry, Stretcher, Blanket Drag
  30. The CP-95 is used to read which DOSIMETER?
  31. MOPP level to don Boots
  32. Using ORM what is RAC?
    Risk Assesment Code
  33. Three Chemical Warfare Agents
    Harassing, Non Lethal, Casualty
  34. What is Rifleman 1's job
    To carry extra ammo
  35. Five Military Aspects of terrain (KOCOA)
    • Keys of Terrain
    • Observations fields of fire
    • Cover and concealment
    • Obstacles to movement
    • Avenues of Approach
  36. Six Step Planning Process for issuing a 5 paragraph order

    • Begin Planning
    • Arrange Recon
    • Make Recon
    • Complete Plan
    • Issue Order
    • Supervise
  37. 3 components of 782 Gear
    Fighting load, Biovac, protective equipment
  38. What proword is used to report a violation of EFFI?
    Bead Window
  39. Who can release messages when minimize is in effect?
  40. What is the level of security that requires TPI?
    Top Secret.
  41. TPFDD is set how many days before deployment?
  42. What is the ROC/POE
    Required Operational Capability

    Projected Operational Environment
  43. Which command is not part of NECC?
  44. Name of facility where you can go to obtain equipment turned in by another command.
  45. How many hours to investigate the report?
  46. Level of mishap that costs of damage is more than 2000 but less than 200000
    Class C
  47. A MSEC is developed by organizing various
    EDG exercise drill guides
  48. Most effective method of rewarming a victim of hypothermia
    buddy warming
  49. Economic exclusion zone cannot extend past how many miles from countries land?
    200 NM
  50. 8th General Order
    To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
  51. Red over Red
    CO not in command
  52. IALA used in Kuwait
  53. MOV
    Material Obligation Validation

    (Done every 30 days)
  54. Name of angle describing your position relative from another vessel.
    Target Area
  55. Name of area extending 500 yds around all US Naval Warships
    Naval Protection Zone (NPZ)
  56. Team comprised of two personnel responsible for providing buddy aid and preparation of casualties for movement under the supervision of the CLS
    Aid and litter
  57. How do you read a map?
    Right and up
  58. Distance between berthing and mess tents?
    15 ft
  59. What is the side of the boat called opposite of the wind?
  60. Fire distributed against a wide target requiring successive changes in the direction of the gun
    Traversing fire
  61. 3 phases of the training cycle
    • unit
    • intergrated
    • advanced
  62. Element of mission plan contains the enemy forces, friendly forces, and attachments
  63. Who has weapons release authority on a EST
    Tactical Supervisor
  64. Document used to tell supply that a part received had safety warranty/ technical issues
    Quality Deviancy Report (QDR)
  65. How many years do you keep top secret material before you destroy it?
    2 years
  66. How many flares contained in the bandolier for the pencil flare?
  67. MPHT
    Multi Power HVAC Trailer
  68. How many individual lights are on a 6kw generator with flood lights?
  69. 6kw generator with flood lights. What is the total watts available for the aux lights?
  70. Who is Secretary of Defense?
    Chuck Hagel
  71. Section that provides prospective losses to a activity
    Section 2
  72. Standard pallet for cargo transport.
  73. How many sailors on embarked security team?
  74. Angle measured in degrees between the horizon and the detected aircraft
    Position Angle
  75. Who is responsible for navigation in a convoy?
    Lead vehicle commander
  76. Procedure for clearing IEDs (5 Cs)
    • Confirm
    • Clear
    • Cordon
    • Control
    • Check
  77. Area pm the ground upon which the cone of fire falls.
    Beaten Zone
  78. What type of carry is used when no immediate threat is present?
    tactical carry
  79. Mission plan contains the commanders intent
  80. Preliminary notice of an order or action to follow in the future.
    warning order
  81. Type of net must you obtain permission before communication with other stations.
    directed net
  82. Intruder on the net
  83. FRTP
    Fleet Readiness Training Plan
  84. Leader of ITT
    Executive Officer
  85. Example of material handling equipent
  86. Step must be performed immediately before screwing in the signaling device on a pencil flare
    pull back and set trigger
  87. Door opening on base w/ 300 series tent
  88. 3 required elements of PPE for setting up a tent?
    • Helmet
    • Steel Toes
    • Eye Protection
  89. On a 6kw generator with flood lights what is the max watts available for aux outlets?
  90. Terrorist threat level.

    terrorist group present, no indication of anti-US activity
  91. What provides mobile radar coverage of an operating area located at the MOC?
  92. Secretary of the Navy
    Ray Maybus
  93. What section of the EDVR provides alphabetical listing of all enlisted personnel assigned to the activity?
    Section 3
  94. Aircraft capable of operation from rough dirt strips, and is the prime transport for air dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas.
    C-130 Hercules
  95. What does one short blast on the whistle indicate?
    Attention to orders
  96. 4th step of the intel cycel
  97. Term used for security violation which resulted in the confirmed or suspected exposure of classified info.
  98. Not a classification of work priority for camp maintenance
  99. For Features of a two man fighting position.
    • arm pit of shortest man
    • 1 m4 x 2 m4s
    • ammo shelf
    • firing step
  100. How many FPCONS are there?
    • 5
    • Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta
  101. Where can you find items purchased with EMRM funds?
  102. Escholon right, boat patrol formation has greatest firepower located where?
    Starboard side
  103. Types of saftey's for the M9
    • Firing Pin Block
    • Half Cock Notch
    • Decocking Safety Lever
  104. Type of M240 we use here
    M240 Bravo
  105. M 500 shot gun has how many rounds?
  106. M240 Target Area Range
    1800 m
  107. 50c Max Range
    • 6767 m
    • 7400 yds
  108. Firing Sequence
    Feeding Cambering Locking Firing Unlocking Extracting Ejecting Cocking
  109. What constitutes a hot gun?
    200 Rds in 2 mins
  110. M4 Rd
  111. 240 Rd
  112. 1 NM is equal to how many yards?
  113. CMEL
    Combined Maintenance Engineering Logistics
  114. How many sets of injections of antrophine and 2-Pam Chloride in NAAK?
  115. 4 types of ROE
    • Standing
    • Suplimental
    • Theater Specific
    • Mission Specific
  116. What noise level do you need hearing protection?
    104 decibels
  117. 4 Characteristics of the Navy and Marine Corps
    • Flexability
    • Mobility
    • Readiness
    • Self Sustainability
  118. TPFDD
    Time Phase Force Deployment Data

    • 45 Days Air
    • 60 Days Sea
  119. How often is the tracer?
    Every 5 rds
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