English Vocab Lesson 8 5-9-13

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  1. Beget
    v. To produce; to make happen

    S: Generate

    A: Prevent
  2. Educe
    v. To draw or bring out

    S: Elicit

    A: Suppress
  3. Glean
    v. To collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor

    S: Garner

    A: Disperse
  4. Chafe
    v. To wear or irritate, often through rubbing or friction
  5. Effrontery
    n. Shameless boldness

    S: Impudence; nerve; audacity

    A: Timidity
  6. Imbibe
    v. To drink
  7. Feign
    v. To pretend

    S: Simulate; fake
  8. Desist
    v. To stop; to discontinue

    S: Cease; end

    A: Begin; start
  9. Allude
    v. To hint at; to refer to indirectly

    S: Suggest; imply

    A: Expose
  10. Elite
    n. The choice members or best of a group

    S: Leaders

    A: Common; multitude
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